After dogs and bats, now these animals also found coronavirus positive

Coronavirus In Animals Last month, New York Zhu reported that lions and tigers have also got corona virus infection from their keeper.

Coronavirus In Animals: After being dog, cat, tiger, and lion hunted by the coronavirus, now Mink has also joined the list of animals infected with this disease. According to the BBC report, two beavers were found infected with the new Coronavirus ie Covid-19 at a fur farm in the Netherlands.

Earlier last month there was news from New York that the coronavirus was infected by lions and tigers in a zoo where the caretakers took care of them.

Dr. Peta Hitchens of the University of Melbourne said that the coronavirus could prove to be “devastating” to endangered wildlife and we should now start working to protect them. It also includes complete control over wildlife trade and smuggling, as well as protection of ecosystems where human encroachment and destruction have reduced distances between us and wild animals.

Doctor Hitchens said that the beaver infected with coronavirus is not surprising. When SARS spread in 2003, at least 16 species were affected, including beaver, hyena, bats, many species of horseshoe bats, red fox, wild boar, raccoon, and palate cat and dog. The animals were involved.

Officials in the Netherlands believe that the otters became infected by farmers working in the fields. Since then farmers were kept in quarantine. The beaver was cradled in 2013, while the existing beaver farm would have to be closed by 2024.

Claire Bass, executive director of the international and UK Human Society, said that animals have been suffering a lot of problems for many years, and now they are also afraid of spreading many diseases, so now the fashion industry has to be fur-free. There is a good chance, the government also needs to stop this disgusting business.

“One thing we’ve got to learn from the Covid-19 outbreak is that if we don’t stop using animals, the consequences can be serious for both humans and animals.”

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