British PM Boris Johnson has been found positive with the corona virus. Let us know which celebrities Corona has made ill so far…
British PM Boris Johnson has been found positive with the corona virus. Let us know which celebrities Corona has made ill so far…

Britain, ANI. Breaking News British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been found positive with the corona virus. The news agency ANI has given this information. Earlier, Prince Charles of Britain was found positive with the corona virus. Although Prince Charles’ wife Camila has not been found infected with the corona virus, both are living in isolation in Scotland. Please tell that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a three-week lockdown to prevent infection, but people are not taking the ban seriously. This is the reason why corona infection is spreading rapidly in the country.

In the UK, over 100 people have died of corona in the last 24 hours, while 115 people have been diagnosed with infection in the same period. As of 5 pm on March 25, 578 people had died of corona infection in Britain. British Queen Elizabeth II was transferred from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle in the wake of the Corona virus threat. However, until now Queen Elizabeth II has not seen symptoms of the Corana virus.

In the past, there is a panic in the world about the corona virus, which has been declared an epidemic by WHO. There is a huge increase in the number of people infected with corona worldwide. Kya Mango… Kya Special This virus is making everyone sick. Recently, the Spanish Prime Minister’s wife Carmen Calvo was also found infected with Corona. Not only this, Sophia Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has also been confirmed to have a corona infection. They are being treated by keeping them in isolation. Not only this, Justin Trudeau is also working in isolation under the supervision of doctors.

Prince Charles is caught by the virus after meeting Prince Elbert of Monaco. Prince Albert and Prince Charles of Monaco met on 10 March. Reports stated that corona positives were found in the Albert test after this. Not only this, Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor of India has also been caught in the virus, who met Prince Charles at a party. After Kanika’s test was found positive, her pictures with Prince Charles got virus. Kanika met many leaders after coming to India. However, the infection has not been confirmed in the rest of the leaders.

Australia’s Home Minister Peter Dutton is also vulnerable to the Corona virus. Not only this, during the shooting in Australia, actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita have also been caught by this deadly virus. Not only this, Hussain Sheikholeslam, Advisor to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif, has died in Iran due to Corona virus. Tehran MP Fatemeh Rahbar has gone into a coma after being infected. Alam in Iran is that more than two dozen MPs are vulnerable to Corona. Veteran African jazz artist Manu Dibango died of Corona infection on Tuesday. She is the first star in the world to die due to corona virus infection.


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