Birthday of Barsana Radharani's most loved and prominent friend Lalita on Monday, her paternal
Birthday of Barsana Radharani's most loved and prominent friend Lalita on Monday, her paternal

Barsana: Birthday celebration of Radharani’s most loved and prominent Sakhi Lalita was celebrated with pomp on Monday in her native village Unchagaon. The sevayatas anointed the Deity of Lalita Sakhi from Panchamrit in the afternoon. The village shouted with cheers, so people jumped in singing greetings. On Monday, at 12 o’clock the services of the grand Lalita temple built on the hill named Lalita Ata Ator on Chhath of Bhadrapaksha at 12 noon, Lalita ji’s Srivigraha received ghee, milk, curd, honey, boora, saffron, jatamsi, sandalwood powder, nagar motha, agar Tagar, panch nuts, rose water, perfume, After making Panchamrit of Ghoghrit etc., he was anointed. Hours of gongs rang in the temple on the occasion of Lalitha Sakhi’s birthday. The temple complex resonated with the cheers of Lalitha Sakhi and Radharani. During this time people of Gurjar community performed folk dances. Anurag Sakhi sang greetings in the temple premises. Due to the corona virus, very few villagers were present in the temple premises. Peethadheshwar Goswami Upendra Narayan Bhatt of Brajacharya Peetha, Peetadheshwar Goswami Krishnananda Tailang of Lalitha Peeth, Ghanshyamraj Bhatt, Sarvesh Bhatt, Rohit Bhatt, Vasudev Bhatt, Arun Bhatt, Dinesh, Narayan, Tarakesh attended the consecration. Todarmal had built the temple:

The temple of Lalitha Sakhi was built by the revenue minister of Akbar Todarmal on the orders of Srilnarayan Bhatt ji. 570 years ago, Srila Narayan Bhatt came from Mudarapatnam in Tamil Nadu. It was he who revealed the divine statue of Lalita ji.

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