Calories can be reduced quickly in just a few minutes with just one exercise

Stair climbing is considered one of the best workouts. Along with burning calories, the problem of foot pain is overcome. So let's know how to do workouts.

The lockdown is scheduled to take about 40 days. For so many days people have not been able to walk, play, or gym outside their homes, due to which many people have gained weight. However, at home, you can do some such exercises, which can burn more calories in a very short time.

Running up-steers

Do you know that you can burn your calories fast by climbing stairs? Yes, climbing stairs is also a full-body workout, in which you burn calories fast. If you have some long steps at home, you can try it, so that you do not have any harm …

* If you want to burn calories fast, then run up the stairs at high speed.

* There should be long steps for this so that you do not have to take breaks in between exercises.

* Climb the stairs, take care of the balance and step of the body. Do not let yourself fall or fall from your feet halfway up the stairs.

* Even if the stairs in your house are small, it doesn’t matter. You can do this exercise in several rounds on them. But keep in mind that the faster you are climbing the stairs, the lower the speed because you can fall due to gravitational forces.

* Climb the stairs, look at the stairs instead of looking at the front, so that you do not miss the steps and keep the feet right.

* It is better that you wear running or sports shoes while doing it because you will not be able to climb the stairs with speed in slippers, etc.

* Note that the stairs are not very high, otherwise it will be difficult for you to jump quickly and there are chances of falling.


Burpees are a high-intensity exercise, which requires a lot of energy to do it. This is the reason that this exercise burns calories too fast.

First of all, stand up straight in the ground, now sit fast on the ground, bending your knees and bending forward.

With this fast, move the legs back and fall into a position with pushups.

Now, while moving the front part of the body down, touch the chest on the ground and then lift the body by pushing the paws of the hand rapidly.

– Again bend the knees, bring the feet forward again, and make a seating position. Now stand with this speed.

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