How could higher education be disrupted?
22 Jul

Higher education could face disruption through several avenues. Technological advancements, especially in the digital space, can transform traditional classroom learning into more flexible online platforms. Rising tuition costs could also spark change as students seek more affordable education alternatives. Additionally, the increased value placed on practical experience over formal education in certain industries may challenge the current system. Lastly, the pandemic has already started to shift the landscape of higher education, a trend that might continue post-COVID.

How has your education system benefited/failed you?
20 Jul

In sharing my personal experience with the education system, I have found both strengths and shortcomings. It has benefited me greatly by providing a solid foundation of knowledge and fostering critical thinking skills. However, it has also failed me in some ways by focusing excessively on rote learning and not enough on practical, real-world applications. Furthermore, I believe it could have done a better job at promoting creativity and independent thought. Overall, my experience was a mixed bag, filled with enriching knowledge but also missed opportunities.