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Mothers Day 2020, Mother's Day is being celebrated on May 10 and Bollywood celebs are also remembering their mother through social media.

Mother’s Day 2020: someone shared poetry and someone shared photo

New Delhi. Today is Mother's Day and everyone is sharing photos, memories related to their mother, poetry, or emotional posts with their mother on...
Most people take medicines on their own without doctor's advice when they have minor health problems, which can prove harmful to their health.

Taking medicines without doctor’s advice can spoil your health

Self-medication is becoming a habit of people nowadays due to busyness, rising inflation, and increasing dependence on the internet for information. The habit of...
When it comes to losing weight, you also have to shrink your food plate. At the same time use large plates for salad fruits and vegetables.

If you are troubled by the increasing weight, then must follow these 5 tips

Lifestyle Desk. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, there are changes in the lifestyle of people. Earlier people did not like to live in homes,...
Most people are worried about not only overwriting at work from home but also back and back pain. So by applying cream spray, instead of making it temporary, some changes can be made by fixing the Permanent.

Waist and back pain has caused a lot of trouble, know the treatment

Working for several hours sitting can cause back pain, but for this, lying down and taking painkillers is not the right treatment at all....
Stair climbing is considered one of the best workouts. Along with burning calories, the problem of foot pain is overcome. So let's know how to do workouts.

Calories can be reduced quickly in just a few minutes with just one exercise

The lockdown is scheduled to take about 40 days. For so many days people have not been able to walk, play, or gym outside...
The problem of prickly heat is common in summer, but itching makes it irritating. So know how to avoid it with experts.

If you are also troubled by heat rash, then solve this problem

In the summer, small pimples appear on the skin, which we call prickly heat. Itching is felt all the time in the body due...
May 5 is observed as World Asthma Day all over the world. Its main objective is to bring awareness among people about asthma disease.

World Asthma Day: awareness to people about asthma disease

May 5 is observed as World Asthma Day all over the world. Its main objective is to bring awareness to people about asthma disease....
Fitness Tips If you are also missing a workout for fitness, then instead of running for a while, it can be a good workout.

Fitness Tips: Walk through these 5 ways to lose weight and stay fit

Lifestyle Desk. Whether to lose weight or maintain fitness, there is nothing better than walking. Especially for those who do not get time to...
Vitamin-E Oil Benefits This oil can be used in many ways from head to toe. Vitamin-E can cause fat to your body in many ways.

Benefits of Vitamin-E oil for the skin, use it in 5 ways

Lifestyle Desk. Vitamin-E Oil Benefits: Vitamin-E capsules, also known as Evion, are rich in health properties. This oil can be used in many ways...
Cleaning the tongue is as important as brushing. Do not miss it at all because they also indicate many diseases. Know the different colors and associated signs of the tongue.

The color of the tongue tells what is lacking in the body and which...

Cleaning the tongue is also as important as brushing in the morning because the food gets stuck in the teeth and sticks to the...
Coronavirus World Updates The United States has suffered the most from the corona virus where the death toll has crossed 90 thousand.

Coronavirus World Updates: More than 3 Lakhs died globally, 48 Lakhs...

Washington. The deadly coronavirus is rapidly becoming prey to people globally. The number of cases of coronavirus has crossed 48 lakhs worldwide, while more...