Earthquake News: Earthquake tremors in Delhi, people rushed out of homes

Earthquake tremors have been felt in Delhi on Sunday afternoon.

New Delhi. Earthquake tremors were felt in the country’s capital Delhi on Sunday afternoon. Earthquake intensity on the Richter scale has been measured at 3.5 magnitudes. At the same time, people came out of their homes as soon as the earthquake struck. People living in flats, in particular, were more scared. This is the second consecutive time earthquake shocks in Delhi on Sunday. Earlier on April 12, there was an earthquake, that date was Sunday. Even before that, there was a July 1, 2018 earthquake, that day was also a Sunday.

According to the information received, the earthquake struck in Delhi at 1.14 pm and 29 seconds on Sunday afternoon. Its intensity was measured at 3.4 while it was 5 km deep in the ground.

Delhi-NCR is sensitive to earthquake

Please tell here that Delhi-NCR is very sensitive in terms of the earthquake. Indeed, in terms of macroseismic zoning mapping, India is divided into a total of 5 zones, of which Delhi is in Zone 4 and is considered dangerous. Out of the total 5 zones, Zone 2 is considered to be in the least sensitive category, while Zone-5 is the area that is prone to earthquakes.