Five pilots of Air India found corona positive, none had symptoms of the virus

Five Air India personnel have been hit by the corona virus. Tests conducted 72 hours before the flight have been reported positive.

New Delhi. 5 Air India pilots have been hit by the coronavirus. All of these coronavirus reports have come positive. Actually, this test is done 72 hours before for flight duty. They are all located in Mumbai. The coronavirus did not appear to have any symptoms at all. The pilots recently operated one of the cargo flights to Guangzhou.

Significantly, the most affected state of the coronavirus in the country is Maharashtra. Here, the highest number of deaths by coronavirus was 779 in Maharashtra. Here now the number of infected with this epidemic has increased to 20228. In view of the increasing cases in the country, the Central Government has extended the period of lockdown in the country to 17 May at present. However, this time the rules of lockdown have been relaxed slightly.

Significantly, the first case of coronavirus came in the city of Wuhan, China last year. After this, it started spreading to other countries. At present, many large countries, including India, are engaged in searching for corona Vasques.