Thousands of people are suffering from floods. Flood waters have caused havoc in many districts of Assam including Bihar Uttar Pradesh. (Photo - sos-childrensvillages.org)
Thousands of people are suffering from floods. Flood waters have caused havoc in many districts of Assam including Bihar Uttar Pradesh. (Photo - sos-childrensvillages.org)

Due to heavy rains in many states of India, many rivers are in spate, due to which flood situation has been created. People are suffering from floods. In many districts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, flood waters have caused havoc. In Bihar, 11 people were reported drowned in the flood waters, while in Ghaghra and Sharda rivers of Uttar Pradesh, about 40 villages were submerged due to the spill. On the other hand, the situation in Assam is also not good with the floods. Meanwhile, United Nations help has come forward amid reports of floods. It will help in delivering humanitarian aid.

United Nations will help flood victims

In many parts of India, heavy rains and floods have affected people. In view of this, the United Nations has offered humanitarian aid. United Nations Secretary-General spokesman Stephen Dujarric said that more than 770 people have died in India during the monsoon. According to officials, more than five lakh people have been evacuated from their homes to safer places. In view of this, the United Nations is ready to extend humanitarian aid to the most affected communities. On the flood situation in Asia, Dujarik said that people of Bangladesh have seen such flood after years. One third of the country is submerged. 54 lakh people are badly affected by the floods.

Water is depleting in most parts of Assam

Dhemaji, Baksa and Morigaon districts of Assam remained submerged on Wednesday. However, flood waters have receded in most parts of the state. This information is given in an official bulletin. According to the flood bulletin of Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), 14,205 people are currently affected by the floods in these three districts, while 7,009 hectares of agricultural land has been damaged. According to the bulletin, Dhemaji is the worst affected district with 12,908 people affected. After this, a thousand people are affected in the box and 297 people are affected in Morigaon. This year, the number of people who lost their lives in floods and landslides is 136. Of these, 110 people died due to flood-related incidents and 26 due to landslides.

Water level again increased in many rivers of Uttar Pradesh

Here, the phase of increasing the level of rivers in Uttar Pradesh continues. Especially the population of the Ghagra and Saradha river banks is getting affected. Embankments are being damaged due to erosion. The water level of the Ghaghra River in Bahraich is increasing rapidly. Three lakh 26 thousand cusecs of water has been released from the three barrages. The water level on the Elgin Bridge is 75 cm above the danger mark. 40 villages and Bundi police station are inundated by floods. The water level of Ghaghra is also increasing rapidly in Barabanki. With the rise in the water level of the Ghaghra in Gonda, the order of harvesting has increased in Elli Parsauli in Bhikharipur Sakraur embankment of Taraganj.

11 deaths due to floods in Bihar

Kosi is on its rise in Bihar. On Tuesday night and Wednesday, rivers are once again being buried. Due to the havoc of the floods, the Darbhanga-Samastipur railway block has been suspended for about 20 days. There have been reports of 11 people drowning in the floods so far. The river is under pressure at 17 points in the Indian division, including the Nepal division, due to the frequent fluctuations in the Kosi river water level in Supaul. Half a dozen houses have disappeared in Kosi erosion in Kedli of Navhatta block of Saharsa district. The water level of Bakra and Ratwa rivers is increasing in Araria. Due to this flood water is spreading in the low lying areas of many villages.


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