China did not believe for a month ago that the corona spreads from human to human, so international flights were also operational around the world.
China did not believe for a month ago that the corona spreads from human to human, so international flights were also operational around the world.

There is a new debate worldwide about coronavirus. And that is the debate, who is responsible for spreading this virus? 99 out of 100 people are blaming China for this. He also has a reason. People claim that on one hand the number of corona infected patients is decreasing in China, on the other hand its infection outside China is increasing. The first case of infection with coronavirus came from the city of Wuhan, China. But, now the city of Wuhan is back on track. Factories are opening there. People are going to work Whereas, more than half of the world’s population is still forced to remain at home.

Recently Israeli company Light claimed in its report – Hate Speight has increased by 900% on Twitter towards China and Chinese after Corona’s havoc. According to this report, hashtags such as Chinese virus, communist virus and kungflu are being used on Twitter. Bhaskar has based on several media reports, research and experts, to find some reasons that indicate that China is behind the corona infection.

1) The
Chinese news website South China Morning Post , which delayed delays about Corona, revealed government documents that the first patient of Corona was traced to Hubei province on November 17 last year. As of December 2019, Chinese authorities had identified 266 coronavirus patients. However, the first confirmed case of coronavirus was reported on 1 December at a Xinyantan hospital in Wuhan, according to a report in the medical journal The Lancet. Not only this, Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who was the first to tell about Coronavirus, was also ignored by the Chinese government and accused him of spreading rumors. Later, Lee also died due to Corona. China told the world about coronavirus in January.

What the result was: Scientists at Southampton University in Britain believe that if China had known about corona 3 weeks earlier, it could have reduced the spread of infection by up to 95%.

2) Not considered for a month – Corona spreads from human to human,
according to the American website National Review, the symptoms of viral pneumonia were found in doctors of two hospitals in Wuhan, after which the doctors there quarantined themselves on 25 December 2019. . But China has denied that the virus has spread from person to person. On January 15, Corona’s first patient was found in Japan. The Health Ministry said that the patient never went to the seafood market in Wuhan, but he may have come in contact with a corona-infected patient. Even then, China did not listen to human-to-human transmission. Finally, on January 20, China admitted that coronavirus was spreading from person to person.

What happened as a result: International flights were turned around by denying the matter of human-to-human transmission. People from around the world used to go from one country to another. This spread Coronavirus to other countries as well.

3) China locked down Wuhan 7 weeks later, in
December 2019, Coronavirus started spreading in China. American journalist Nicholas D. Christoff wrote in the New York Times – “China instead of stopping the virus took action against those who were warning about this virus.” He wrote that the Communist government of China has always shown that there is no need to fear this virus. Not only this, Wuhan was locked-up on January 23, about 7 weeks after the first case of the virus.

What happened as a result: On January 27, four days after the lockdown, Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianweng told that nearly five million people left Wuhan before the lockdown took place. Where these 50 lakh people went, do not know yet.

4) China did not take any strict action even after Corona,
Dr. Anthony Fausi of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention told the National Review that Corona caused such a bad condition of Italy because of Italy Most Chinese tourists come. Apart from them, more than 3 lakh Chinese people work here. Dr. Fauci says that Chinese people from Italy came to China to celebrate the new year and then returned to Italy. The new year was celebrated in China on 25 January. That is, despite the outbreak of coronavirus, China did not stop its people from going back to Italy.

What resulted : Italy had more Corona cases than China. By April 5, the number of corona infects in Italy exceeded 1.28 lakh. There have also been more than 15 and a half thousand deaths, which are the highest deaths due to corona in any country.


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