If you are also troubled by heat rash, then solve this problem

The problem of prickly heat is common in summer, but itching makes it irritating. So know how to avoid it with experts.

In the summer, small pimples appear on the skin, which we call prickly heat. Itching is felt all the time in the body due to prickly heat, which affects both health and work.

How to identify

In the summer, heat rash is more common. They emerge as rash or small red pimples on the body. The prickly rash is common even in cases of constipation. It originates more on the chest, underarm, hands, and feet. There is a lot of problem of prickly heat in children because they sweat more.

You will be saved like this

It is necessary to keep the body cool in the event of a rash. For this, one should take a bath 2-3 times a day. Take beverages that give coolness to the body, such as cold milk, lassi, curd, lemonade, etc. If possible, at least come in contact with sunlight.

Pay attention to cleanliness

During the summer season, special care should be taken to clean the inner parts of the body, because bacteria grow more due to sweating in certain parts of the body, such as underarms, knees, elbows, back, etc. It causes a rash in the body. Telkom powder should be applied only after these parts are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

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What to do

1 . Apply Multani mitti paste on the body for relief from prickly heat.

2 . Putting white sandal paste on the body provides relief in prickly heat.

3 . Use calamine lotion.

4 . Applying camphor to coconut oil gives a feeling of coolness.

5 . Allow the body to feel the fresh air.

6 . Drink plenty of water and take a shower twice a day.

7 . Chew 4-5 leaves of neem in the morning.

8 . Drinking poppy juice provides relief from prickly heat.

9 . Choose outfits with cotton and lose fittings.

10 . Applying pulp of aloe vera leaves on prickly heat twice a day also provides relief.

what not to do

1 . Do not apply powder on a wet body. Do not use too much powder.

2 . Distance with synthetic clothing during summer and rainy season.

3 . Do not take bath immediately if you come from outside.

4 . During this time, plain food is beneficial. Therefore, avoid eating spicy things.