If you are troubled by the increasing weight, then must follow these 5 tips

When it comes to losing weight, you also have to shrink your food plate. At the same time use large plates for salad fruits and vegetables.

Lifestyle Desk. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, there are changes in the lifestyle of people. Earlier people did not like to live in homes, but now they are forced to stay at home. However, people have started eating more than staying in the house for a long time. Then, whether sitting on the balcony or sitting with a TV set, people everywhere keep their food and drink at regular intervals, which has increased their complaints of obesity. If you are also bogged down in lockdown and your weight has started increasing, then you can reduce your increasing weight by adopting these 5 tips-

1. Drink water before eating

Whenever you sit down to eat, drink a glass of water 10 or 15 minutes before that. After this, eat food. Water will reduce your overeating habit. Also, it is also helpful in digesting food. This will relieve you of increasing weight and you will remain fit.

2. Take more fiber food in your diet

Foods that are high in fiber, consume more of it. You can take grains, salads, fruits and vegetables in it. Consumption of it quickly reduces hunger, and your body also gets essential nutrients. You can follow the rules, eat less, stay healthy. This will also ensure your digesting system.

3. Add Protein to Your Diet

Like fiber, eat more protein-rich foods in your diet. This brings energy to the body, which helps to eliminate your hunger. Protein is very effective in making muscles. Especially people doing exercise must consume protein-rich things.

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4. Use small plates to eat

When it comes to losing weight, you also have to shrink your food plate. At the same time, use large plates for salads, fruits, and vegetables. Just like when you drink cold drinks, use a small glass. Drink green tea and healthy juices in a large glass.

5. Do not eat packets off things while watching TV

When you are watching TV or working on a mobile or laptop, do not eat packet-locked things at such a time. You do not know how much you have eaten while watching a movie, in working order. To avoid this, take a break in your work and eat at that time as you wish. Whenever eating food, eat slowly. Do not eat at all in a hurry.

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