India is now the 5th country in the case of corona getting the most infected

Migrant laborers arrived here from Telangana on Wednesday. The state government had arranged a special train for them.

India ranks 15th in terms of the number of patients but has joined the 5 worst-case countries in terms of daily visits. After completing 40 days of complete lockdown on 3 May, India received 4239, 3318, and 3446 patients for three consecutive days. During this period, only four countries of the world, America, Brazil, Russia, and Peru have got more patients than India.

Patients are not decreasing in India even after 43 days of lockdown

India has also joined the 8 worst-case countries in terms of more deaths. On May 5, there were 121 deaths in the country. China continued the lockdown in the affected province of Hubei for 60 days even after the patient began to decline. India has entered the 43rd day of lockdown, but the number of new patients is not dropping.

Corona was the center of China, only 1 death in 20 days, 129 patients

21 days after the lockdown was started in China, new patients started decreasing, increasing in India even after 42 days.

After April 17, only 129 have been found infected in China. Of these, 111 are people who have been brought to China from other countries or have come before. Domestic affairs are just 18.

On January 23, the maximum number of 14,108 new patients were found in China on the 21st day of lockdown. This was extreme. After that, the patients started to decrease continuously.

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