Karl Marx Birth Anniversary: A day to remember the philosopher, economist, and pioneer of socialism

Karl Marx, the great thinker, historian and eminent German economist, was born on this day in 1918. Download Amar Ujala App for Breaking News in Hindi & Live Updates.

The workers of the world should be one‘ The great thinker Karl Marx said this to inspire the workers to show their unity and since then it has become a ‘slogan’ for the workers. Karl Marx, the great thinker, historian, and eminent German economist, was born on this day in 1918. Today, people and fans of Marx are marking their 202nd birth anniversary. At the same time, the opinion of those who do not believe them is that the ‘mistakes’ of those who believe they have lost their relevance. Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, and pioneer of scientific socialism. Even today his views emphasize the participation of women and the proletariat in the power of the country, respecting the rights of the backward and carrying on with them.

Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818, in a Jewish family in Treves. At the age of 17, he took admission in the University of Bonn to study law. After this, Marx studied literature, history, and philosophy at the Universities of Berlin and Jena. Marx, who was very far ahead in studies, wrote his research on the natural philosophy of Democritus and Epicurus in the year 1839–41 and completed his Ph.D. His thoughts still inspire the world today.

Many ideas of Karl Marx are still remembered today. He had said that history repeats itself, firstly as a tragedy and secondly as a joke. Regarding women, he had said that great social changes are impossible without the upliftment of women. Social progress can be assessed by looking at the social status of women. According to him, democracy is the path of socialism.

Marx said that farms, machines, factories, etc. are the means of production, they are the owners and the people working here are laborers. Whereas whatever is produced, the worker has no right over it. The worker wishes for better work conditions and salary, while the owner always wants to earn maximum profit. This is the major cause of the class struggle. The matter of giving education, health, and employment to all is also linked with Marx’s ideas.

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