lockdown 3 : will open locks in green and orange zones

The country is divided into three parts, Red Orange and Green, based on Corona's risk of loosening in the lockdown Part-3 starting on Monday. Know where the service will continue ...

The country is divided into three parts, Red Orange and Green, based on Corona's risk of loosening in the lockdown Part-3 starting on Monday. Know where the service will continue ...

New Delhi. The third phase of the applicable lockdown in the country will start from Monday which will run till 17 May. This phase, which runs till May 17, will be much more relief than both the phases till now. The country is divided into three parts, Red, Orange, and Green, based on the risk of coronavirus to relax the lockdown rules. In all three categories, inter-state travel, aircraft and train services will be closed till May 17. However, some other activities will be allowed on the basis of classification in Red, Orange, and Green zones.

Countrywide ban on these

Rail, metro, and air travel will be completely banned. Roads from one state to another, schools, colleges and other educational institutions and other hospitality services including hotels, restaurants are also not allowed to operate. In any zone, people above 65 years of age, sick, pregnant women and children below 10 years are not allowed to move out of the house in addition to necessary work and health-related needs.

House, public worship to continue to hold

According to the central government’s order, educational institutions, political, cultural and all other types of aggregation programs, hospitality services and public religious or worship sites will be closed across the country during this period, but for selected purposes, people by air, rail, and road Movement will be approved. Permission has been given by the Ministry of Home Affairs for that.

Zones divided on this basis

The districts are divided into zones based on cases of infection. Where there has been no case for 21 days, such districts have been kept in green zone. Districts with controlled cases are in the Orange Zone and more districts are in the Red Zone. According to the Health Ministry, there were 130 Red Zone, 284 Orange Zone, and 319 Green Zone Districts in the country on Friday. The maximum number of 19 red zone districts are in Uttar Pradesh and 14 in Maharashtra. All the districts of Delhi are in the Red Zone.

They get discounts in the green zone

This time, almost all activities have been exempted in the districts of the Green Zone, along with rules for physical distancing and other vigilance. Buses can run but only 50 percent of passengers will be in it. A barbershop, spa, and salon will also be allowed to open in the Green Zone. Not only this, but e-commerce companies have also got approval to supply non-essential items. OPD and medical clinics are allowed to be opened in all zones except the Containment Area.

Discount area increased in Orange Zone

The rebate scope has also been extended to the Orange Zone. In this area, people have been allowed to come out for unnecessary activities between seven to seven in the morning. Barbershops, spas, and salons will also be allowed to open. In these zones, the supply of non-essential items to e-commerce companies has also been approved. Not only this, OPD and medical clinics are also allowed to open.

This will be the next two weeks

– All goods and services will be supplied in the Green Zone

– Allowing to go out from seven in the morning to seven in the evening

– The way for most services has also opened in the Orange Zone

– E-commerce companies in both zones will supply all goods

– Some additional services have also been allowed in the Red Zone.

– Compulsory for everyone to follow the provisions of physical distancing

Strictness will continue in the Red Zone

Lockdown must be strictly followed in the Red Zone. There will be a ban on rickshaws, autos, taxis, etc. in the Red Zone. E-commerce companies in the Red Zone will also supply only essential items. The movement of people into the content area will be completely restricted. Their essential services will be delivered to the homes of the people. However, state governments can change the exemption according to the situation.

Markets will be closed in the Containment Zone

Apart from prohibited activities across the country in the Containment Zone within the Red Zone, there will be restrictions on cycle rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, taxis, bus movement within the districts, and between the districts, the opening of salons, spas. Not only this, but malls, markets, and market complexes also will not be allowed to open for all non-essential items in these cities.

Helpline number for movement of trucks

No state shall prohibit the movement of goods from one state to another. For this, the Home Ministry has also opened the 1930 helpline number for truckers and transporters. For any problem related to the movement of trucks and goods, they can call this helpline number anytime in 24 hours. Along with this, a helpline number 1033 will also be available for the complaints coming on the highway.

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