New guidelines for fourth phase lockdown may be released in a while

Lockdown 4.0 News The Ministry of Home Affairs may issue a new guideline regarding Lockdown 4 in a while, which is expected to be exempted in many areas.

Lockdown 4.0 News: Today is the last day of Lockdown 3. It is expected that a new guideline regarding the fourth lockdown may be released shortly. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu announced to extend the lockdown by 31 May. Earlier, Punjab, Telangana, and Mizoram have also announced to increase the lockdown. The Telangana government has extended the lockdown till May 29. At the same time, the Punjab government has announced the removal of curfew from May 18.

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Lockdown 4.0 News:

Karnataka extended lockdown for two days

The Karnataka government has extended the lockdown till midnight on 19 May. The new guideline will remain as lockdown 3.

Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu extend lockdown till 31 May

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray extended the lockdown to 31 May to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The lockdown was increased in hotspot areas just two days from now, but now the order has been issued for the entire state. On the lines of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu also took a similar decision. These two states are the states with the most Koreana infections.

What happens when

Let us tell you that on 24 March, PM Narendra Modi announced the lockdown in the country to prevent the growing infection of the coronavirus. During that time the lockdown was for 21 days. This was followed by Lockdown 2 for 3 May. The lockdown was then extended for two weeks. Now today is the last date for Lockdown-3.

Punjab government increased lockdown

The Punjab government has decided to lift curfew from the state after 18 May. However, the lockdown will continue till 31 May. Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has said that most shops will open from May 18 onwards. Small traders will be allowed to work.

PM Modi gave the hint

Earlier on Tuesday, in his address to the nation, PM Narendra Modi said that the lockdown will not be completely removed. However, he also indicated more leeway in the fourth phase.

An exemption can be given in other zones except for the cantonment zone

According to the information received from the authorities, the decision to open the green zone can be taken in the fourth phase of the lockdown, which starts from May 18. States are expected to get the right to fix hotspots at this stage. However, provisions such as adhering to physical distance and applying masks will be necessary for all.

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Restrictions will be reduced in Orange Zone

The lockdown of the fourth phase will also have very few restrictions in the Orange Zone. Strictness will be maintained in the containment area even in the red zone. In such a situation, one can get permission to open salons, barbershops and eyeglass shops in the Red Zone. However, detailed guidelines in this regard will be issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs based on the suggestions of the State Governments. The state governments were asked to give their suggestions by Friday.

The figure of infected crosses 90 thousand

According to the latest data from the Health Ministry, 4987 cases of corona have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours and 120 people have died. So far the number of infected in the country has crossed 90 thousand. A total of 90,927 cases have been reported in the country. At the same time, 2872 people have died. Of these, 53,946 patients are being treated in hospitals, while 34,109 patients have been discharged from the hospital. In the country, 2872 people have died due to corona.