New way will help doctors to find patient of COVID-19

According to David Smith, the antibody test may be important in treating actively infected people, but the results need to be carefully interpreted.

Beijing. Scientists have developed a rapid and sensitive test method for antibodies against the coronavirus in human blood. This can help doctors locate a patient of Covid-19. It can also confirm suspicious cases in which the report is negative in other ways. Researchers said the symptoms of Kovid-19 range from mild to severe. Some people clearly do not have any symptoms. At some point, the number of people infected with the SARS-COV-2 virus is much higher than the number of confirmed cases. However, more research needs to be done on this.

According to research published in Analytical Chemistry, it is possible that people with antibodies may be immune to future Kovid-19 outbreaks. Researchers wanted to develop a rapid, sensitive antibody test to identify the current or previously infected individual of SARSOV-2. These researchers also included scientists from the Southern Medical University of China. Researchers said that immune diagnosis can monitor a patient’s recovery. May study past infections and identify individuals with high levels of antibodies.

Antibody fights viruses: When the virus enters our body, the immune system makes antibodies to fight it. Test kits detect the presence of antibodies using the components of the virus. Probes are generally of two types. First- lab test, which takes almost a day. The second is the point of care test, which results in 15 to 30 minutes. Several companies, including America’s Premier Biotech and China’s Autobiography Diagnostics, provide point-of-care kits that detect whether the person has the virus. But whether this investigation is a virus or not – it does not know accurately.

It, therefore, has limited use in the treatment of active infections. But in countries like America and Australia, it is used to detect suspected infections. The American Food and Drug Administration has authorized the use of this method to investigate active corona. According to clinical virologist David Smith of the University of Western Australia, Perth, an antibody test may be important in treating actively infected people but the results need to be carefully interpreted.

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