Rishi Kapoor Death: Know how dangerous is ‘Leukemia’

The chocolate hero Rishi Kapoor had a disease that affected the part of the body from which the ability to fight other infections is available.

New Delhi. Rishi Kapoor, one of the celebrities in Bollywood, died on Thursday morning. Rishi Kapoor, who ruled the hearts of people for decades, kept entertaining doctors and medical staff even in the last moments of his life. He was suffering from leukemia for two years. This disease is a form of cancer that affects the part of the body from which we have the ability to fight external infections.

Leukemia attacks these organs

In addition to the blood-forming tissues, bone marrow, and lymphatic system, the disease of leukemia is called leukemia due to which Sartaj Rishi Kapoor of romantic characters was suffering. This disease starts from a place where our body gets the strength to fight every infection. White Blood Cells, WBC’s. WBC’s only develop the ability to fight infection in our body. After WBC’s become abnormal in a leukemia patient, the body lacks the ability to fight external attacks and weaken.

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These are common characteristics

The cause of the cancerous disease has not yet been ascertained. According to myoclonic dot net, the disease is caused by genetic and environmental conditions. Common symptoms of this disease include fever, weakness, weight loss, infection every time, excessive sweating, and bone pain.

The week is unfortunate for Indian cinema

This week is unfortunate for Indian cinema. The tumultuous atmosphere that began with Irfan Khan’s demise a day earlier has doubled rather than diminished when the demise of evergreen actor Rishi Kapoor was reported the next day. Actor Rishi Kapoor was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night and died on Thursday morning at 8.54. He was suffering from leukemia for two years. His treatment started two years ago in New York and he returned to India healthy. It is worth mentioning that Rishi Kapoor, who made his debut with Raj Kapoor’s film Mera Naam Joker, was awarded the National Cinema Award for his debut role.

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