The color of the tongue tells what is lacking in the body and which are the victims of the problem

Cleaning the tongue is as important as brushing. Do not miss it at all because they also indicate many diseases. Know the different colors and associated signs of the tongue.

Cleaning the tongue is also as important as brushing in the morning because the food gets stuck in the teeth and sticks to the tongue and its layer is formed by not cleaning it. This is not right for health Not only this, but the colors of the tongue also change, which indicates that there is some problem in your body. So today we will know about them only.

1. Brown

If the color of your tongue has changed to brown then it indicates dangerous skin cancer which is known as melanoma.

2. Black

If the color of the tongue looks black, it means that bacteria have attacked it. This is due to the excessive use of tobacco and alcohol. To remove it, along with cleaning the tongue daily, also thoroughly clean the teeth. By cleaning daily, it becomes pink again.

3. White

Due to dehydration and accumulation of food particles, the tongue becomes white.

Apart from this, smoking is another major reason for tongue whitening.

But daily cleaning can easily remove the white layer.

4. Red

If your tongue starts appearing red, contact a doctor immediately.

Red tongue indicates some kind of serious illness.

5. Yellow

When the tongue is seen yellow, it is a sign of dehydration, smoking, and fever.

Apart from this, it also points towards the liver problems.

Therefore it is very important that we brush the tongue thoroughly after brushing daily.

Daily brushing and cleaning not only keep the tongue clean.

A clean tongue is essential for good digestion, besides the risk of viral infection is also low.