The Corona epidemic has started to decrease in Spain, know the condition of the rest of the world

In the European country Spain, the corona epidemic has started to decrease. On Thursday, the lowest number of deaths was recorded in the country in the last six weeks.

Madrid. In the European country Spain, the corona epidemic has started to decrease. On Thursday, the lowest number of deaths was recorded in the country in the last six weeks. In view of the improvement in the situation, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has issued a plan to end the lockdown in four phases. Under this, preparations have been made to relax restrictions from next week. After Spain, Europe, Italy, France, Britain, and Germany are also more prone to epidemics.

The highest number of deaths from Corona in Europe occurred in Italy. There is a decrease in new cases in this country too. Despite this, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has warned against taking unilateral steps to relax the states.

268 in the last 24 hours in Spain victims died by

Spain has a lockdown since mid-March with a population of 4.7 million. Due to this, all businesses are at a standstill. The hotel and the beach are deserted. The country’s first recorded a decline of 5.2 percent in the economy. According to the Ministry of Health, 268 victims died in Spain in the last 24 hours. This is the lowest death toll in the country after March 20. In Spain, hairdressers and some other businesses will be allowed to open conditionally from Monday as part of the plan to end the lockdown. The beaches will also be opened by the end of June.

Preparations to relax many state restrictions in Italy

In view of the improvement in the situation in Italy, many states facing lockdown since March 10 are preparing to relax the restrictions. Warning such states, Prime Minister Conte said, “If there is a low rate of infection, I will work with the states to relax the restrictions.”

Plan to test one lakh people in Britain

The UK Health Ministry said on Thursday that there are plans to conduct a random test of one lakh people in the country. This step will be taken to understand the rate of infection before the relaxation of restrictions. Britain has the highest number of deaths in Europe followed by Italy. More than 26 thousand victims have died in the country. While in Italy more than 27 thousand people have lost their lives.

Over seven thousand infected in Russia in one day

On Thursday, the number of corona cases in Russia crossed 100,000. The death toll has also exceeded one thousand. According to health officials, a record of 7,099 people came to test positive in the last 24 hours in the country. The number of infected people has exceeded one lakh six thousand.

Most Japanese are not accepting restrictions

An emergency is in effect until May 6 in Japan in an effort to curb the corona epidemic. The government is preparing to increase it further. Under Emergency, people have been instructed to stay in homes. But many are being found violating it. While some are going to their work without caring for the risk of infection, many people are also seen having a picnic in the parks. Around 14,000 people are affected by Corona in Japan. 425 have died.

Most affected countries

Country – Death – Infected

America – 61,669 – 10,64,572

Italy – 27,682 – 2,03,591

Britain – 26,097 – 1,65,221

Spain – 24,275 – 2,36,899

France – 24,087 – 1,66,420

Germany – 6,467 – 1,61,539

Iran – 6,028 – 94,640

China – 4,633 – 82,862

Turkey – 3,081 – 1,17,589

Russia – 1,073 – 1,06,498