It is good that the work of identification of corona patients is being expedited but it is impossible to win this battle without the cooperation of the people.
It is good that the work of identification of corona patients is being expedited but it is impossible to win this battle without the cooperation of the people.

India’s fight against the corona virus weakened when about two thousand people gathered at an event of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi. Among them were people from different parts of the country, but also religious preachers from abroad. All of them were infected with the corona virus. The Jamaat refused to take necessary precautions during its mobilization and also ignored the instructions of Delhi Government, Delhi Police and Government of India.

Controversial statements of Maulana worked to increase infection of corona virus

This is confirmed by Maulana Saad’s statement of this Mark that Muslims have no fear of Corona and then what else could be a better place than a mosque to die. By making such statements, this Maulana in a way deliberately worked to increase the infection of corona virus. This act of Tablighi Jamaat had terrible consequences. So far, about one thousand people have been found corona infected out of this mark.

Maulana is saying that Corona is not a threat to him

It is clear that the deposits deepened the corona crisis. Tabligi Jamaat is a nearly a hundred year old organization of the Muslim community. It has its roots in other countries of the world along with South Asia. It emphasizes and promotes religious practices in a conservative manner. It is still being said on behalf of his maulana, members and supporters that Corona is not a threat to him. Such statements are being made despite the death of many deposits by infection. This is nothing but ship.

Tablighi Jamaat members made India’s fight against Kovid-19 more difficult

As the members of the Tablighi Jamaat along with Corona-infected Indians from abroad have made India’s fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic arising out of Corona, the coming week may be difficult. It is expected that the process of spreading the infection through deposits and other corona infected persons can be accelerated.

If the third round starts, you will not know who was infected with whom.

If this happens, the third round of infection will begin in which it will not be known who got infected by whom? It cannot be ignored that scientists have come to the conclusion that sometimes people with better immunity do not show signs of infection and because of this they spread the infection easily to other people. This happened in Europe and America. People there did not take the necessary precautions and spread the infection even after being hit by Corona. For this reason, the number of people infected worldwide has crossed one million. The death toll has also reached close to sixty thousand.

Corona patients of Tabligi Jamaat are misbehaving with doctors, health workers, police

It is sad and worrying that while the country is making every effort to deal with the Corona crisis, the Corona patients of Tablighi Jamaat are also indulging in misbehavior with patients or suspected doctors, health workers and policemen. In Indore, he also attacked women doctors along with health workers. Similar incidents occurred in several other cities including Hyderabad, Bangalore. Deposits hospitalized in Ghaziabad, Kanpur etc. created a ruckus. In many places, police were attacked for preventing the offering of Namaz. All these misdeeds are the result of the propaganda under which social media is spreading the lie that Corona is a conspiracy against Muslims.

It is shameful to disgrace the health workers who are doing treatment with their hands on their hands

It is very painful to know that the health workers who are treating them by keeping their lives on their palm are cheating them. After all, how can someone be so gullible that those who save their lives consider themselves as their enemies? Strictly dealing with these gimmick elements requires that the lockdown be enforced strictly. If it is relaxed, then there may be an increase in lockdown. The government should not hesitate if the lockdown period is to be increased in areas where there are more corona patients.

On the PM’s appeal tonight, light the lamp at home for nine minutes

It is true that the lockdown is affecting the morale of the people and rich and poor are disturbed by it. While the rich are worried about their business, the poor are worried about livelihood, but at this time no risk can be taken. The people of the country have the ability to fight the corona and they are hopeful to avoid this crisis, for this, the Prime Minister has appealed to the people that at 9 o’clock tonight, while staying at their house for nine minutes, the lamp, candle or mobile Let’s light through a flash light so that people do not feel lonely while isolated and others, equipped with the resolve that all together will defeat this crisis.

With this event, the countrymen will be conscious about the fight against Corona and will be tied into the thread of unity.

This event has its own importance. This will make the countrymen aware of the fight against Corona and will also be able to bind themselves in the thread of unity. If people remain cautious they will also be helpful in meeting the goal of avoiding public reconciliation. This is extremely important, as there is no cure for corona and it may take more than a year to get its vaccine and reach around the world.

PM told CM- People should not leave restraint and discipline when the lockdown is over

Since no country has been in lockdown for a long time and no more populous country like India, it is natural that the Prime Minister, in a conversation with the Chief Ministers, discussed this in the past that when the lockdown is over, people will be in moderation and discipline. Do not give introduction.

PM’s appeal is to maintain the unity and integrity of the country

Perhaps this is why the Prime Minister, while giving the message of spreading light, also requested the countrymen to remain disciplined and follow social distancing. People should follow all instructions while behaving according to this request. Since the time is going to be difficult, the central and state governments will have to take care not only that there is no shortage of essential commodities, but also that the trials of patients suspected of corona from cities to villages. The work should be fast. It is good that the work of identification of corona patients is being expedited, but people have to keep in mind that this is a battle that is impossible to win without their cooperation.


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