Mother’s Day 2020: know when and how it started

People are in their homes due to Mother's Day 2020 lockdown. In such a situation, people have enough time to make this day memorable.

Lifestyle Desk. Mother’s Day 2020: Like every year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on the second Sunday of May, ie May 10 this year. The celebration of this festival began in 1908. It was introduced by Anna, a Virginia resident. It is said that Ana’s mother raised him with great care. She was deeply inspired by her mother’s dedication and was deeply in love with her mother. In those days Ana vowed that she would never marry and serve her mother in the same way as her mother does. Ana’s mother passed away after a long time.

Ana wanted to honor her mother

At that time, Ana cared for soldiers wounded during the American Civil War. She served the injured as a mother. At that time Ana wanted to pay respect to her mother, for which she was looking for a day that could honor all the mothers of the world.

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US Congress agreed

Ana then started ‘Mother’s Day’ to honor her mother. However, Ana’s proposal was rejected by the US Congress. After this, the resolution was passed unanimously in 1911, as a result of which the President of America announced to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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What to do on ‘Mother’s Day’

People are in their homes due to the lockdown. In such a situation, people have enough time to make this day memorable. On Mother’s Day, you can spend a wonderful moment with your mother. It can help in their work. You can also make a cake for your mother if you want. Also, you can surprise your mother by making greeting cards at home. You can greet your mother by texting them, calling, video calling.