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International Nurses Day 2020: know these important things about the day

Every year on 12 May, Florence Nightingale's birthday is celebrated as 'International Nurses Day'.
Every year on 12 May, Florence Nightingale's birthday is celebrated as 'International Nurses Day'.

International Nurses Day 2020: International Nurses Day is celebrated every year on 12 May. This day is mainly celebrated in honor of nurses around the world. Actually, nurses help people suffering from different diseases all over the world. Nurses work only for the facilities of the patients so that they can take proper care of them. Nurses have to keep all kinds of information about the sick person and after that they have to help in the treatment of patients, given their physical conditions. The role of nurses in this era of the worldwide coronavirus epidemic has become even greater.

Nurses work day and night. Nurses take care of all the facilities and services provided to the patients. Nurses work to heal patients quickly and take care of them in every way. On May 12, Nurses Day is celebrated as the birthday of its founder, who is called the Nightingale of Florence.

How International Nurses Day began In
fact, the Nightingale of Florence was the founder of Modern Nursing. During the war of Crimea, he had trained many women nurses and also treated many soldiers. She made nursing a profession and she became an icon of Victorian culture. In particular, she was known as “Lady with the Lamp” because she treated many soldiers during the night.

Subsequently, in 1860, the nightingale laid the foundation for professional nursing with the establishment of its nursing school at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. It was the first nursing school in the world, now part of London’s King’s College. Nightingale Pledge is taken by new nurses only in the name of Florence, who is known for her pioneering work in nursing. The Florence Nightingale Medal is the highest honor for nurses internationally. International Nurses Day is celebrated worldwide on Florence’s birthday.

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In January 1974, a resolution to celebrate International Nurses Day was passed in the US on 12 May in memory of Florence Nightingale. However, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) has been celebrating International Nurses Day since 1965. Every year on this occasion ICN distributes International Nurses Day Kit. This kit contains some books for the information of common people, which are used by nurses of all countries.

According to the ICN website, the theme of International Nurses Day 2020, the theme of Nurses Day this year is “Nursing for World Health.” It will encourage nurses and the public to celebrate International Nurses Day. At the same time, it will also make people aware of it so that the coming generation nurses are encouraged to become a part of the family.

Let me tell you here that the World Health Organization (WHO) has already named 2020 nurses and midwives. Actually, this year has been named after the nurses and midwives who are doing their duty continuously due to the coronavirus spread in many countries around the world.



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