After the nationwide lockdown of PM Modi, we all have many challenges that we have to overcome. Only then will we be able to succeed in this great war.
After the nationwide lockdown of PM Modi, we all have many challenges that we have to overcome. Only then will we be able to succeed in this great war.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also announced the final battle to fight the corona virus which has become a global pandemic by declaring a 21-day lockdown in the country.

But the biggest participation in this is the people of the country, who can make it successful or unsuccessful.

Please also tell you here that the number of its patients in India

So these numbers do not increase and much depends on us.

However, in this 21-day war, there are many challenges before the country and the countrymen, which will give them two to four.

Restraint and determination: We all have to be restrained that no matter what happens, we do not cross the Lakshman Rekha of our house.

We must also ensure that by doing this we do not endanger the lives of ourselves, our family and others.

Nation Lockdown: know what are the 21 big challenges of 21 days which we have to face

At the same time, we also have to take the resolve that we maintain our self-control and do not let our faith in us diminish.

PM Modi has made it clear in his address that if we succeed in these 21 days, we will save ourselves, our family and our society and if we fail,

The biggest challenge before the government is not to let the supply of essential services and things get affected during these 21 days.

But the biggest problem in this is that the government has also instructed people not to move out of their homes.

It has also said that this public will be stronger than curfew.

In such a situation, the police and the administration will allow people to get out of their houses or not.

If not, fear and apprehension can develop in the minds of people, which can become the reason for anger.

The challenge before the government is not to let this happen and keep its faith on the public.

The government has an idea of ​​how bad this global epidemic in India is going to have on the economy of the country.

Overcoming this over time and maintaining a strong economy is a major challenge before the government.

PM Modi has expressed concern over those who have to earn and eat daily.

In the lockdown of 21 days, it becomes the duty of every citizen that if they see any such person, then they should provide food to them if not anything.

Also, all the state governments of the country should provide free food to such people.

In his address to the country, PM Modi told how this global epidemic engulfed the whole world and how fast its number of patients has crossed one to three lakhs.

In such a situation, the challenge before the government is that India should stop this epidemic from growing here, so that this crisis on mankind can end.

It is also a challenge before the government to strengthen health services during these 21 days as soon as possible.

Although PM Modi has said to give instructions to the states for this, he has also said about the package.

Countrymen not only stay in their homes during these 21 days but also have to pay attention to the education of their children as before.

This global crisis has come in India at a time when board examinations of millions of students were going on.

But they have to be stopped in between.

But even then, their parents have the responsibility to prepare the children for the coming days.

At the same time, there is also the responsibility and challenge of giving full time at home to the children who were to start their first time in schools.Between all these, the entire family will have to unite and pay special attention to the elders present here.

The people of the country will not only ignore the rumors spreading during this time, but others will also have to be aware of them.

These rumors can create panic in the country.

We all need to keep in mind that one of our negligence can bring us, our family and the whole society in the grip of this deadly disease.

Everyone should also keep in mind that if there is a person around you who seems to be suffering from its symptoms, then you must give information about it on

the helpline number and also advise the family to give that person Take it to the doctor.

But you have to keep in mind that your gestures should help him while doing so.

PM Modi has said in his address that if during these 21 days we are not successful in stopping this global pandemic, then it will be difficult for us to

estimate how terrible it will take in India.

PM Modi has described social distancing as the most accessible way to avoid it.

He has not only said this with his experience, but has also said this to the World Health Organization.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all of us to maintain it for the sake of our loved ones and to protect society.

We also have to break the myth spread in the minds of the people in which they think that social distancing is limited only to the patients affected by this disease.

At the same time, the misconceptions pervaded in the minds of the people will also have to be removed that they cannot fall prey to this epidemic.

Let us tell you that the World Health Organization warns that while there is a greater danger to the elderly, the youth cannot survive it.

Our action today will decide how much we can reduce the impact of this disaster.

So be ready every moment to deal with challenges.

This is the time to strengthen our resolve again and again, to exercise restraint.

We have to remember that there is life if there is life.

It is a time of patience and discipline.

We must keep our promise during this lockdown.

We must also take care in these 21 days that we should not obstruct the path of those who are fighting this global epidemic.

We should respect him and everything he has said.

The challenge before all of us at this time is not to be careless and to give our utmost contribution in keeping the society and the country healthy.

During these 21 days, we will face many problems before the government.

But do not panic from them, with restraint and determination we all have to move forward and help others.

You have to keep in mind that the World Health Organization and many countries of the world are looking forward to India.

The WHO chief has said that if India could overcome this, it would be easier to prevent it.

In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of all of us to maintain that faith.

During these 21 days, the government will have to provide necessary facilities to check the disease in many small and big cities and towns of the country.

This will be a major challenge before the government.

It is also necessary to tell you here that the information about the spread of this virus has not been confirmed yet.

But the way it is taking a gigantic form and its third stage in India was being talked about till some time back, in such a situation, our negligence

Keep in mind that this danger is also big and the challenges to deal with it will be huge.

The biggest challenge before the government at this time is that they make every effort to make its medicine. Also, advise people what medicine they should use if they have fever, cough and cold.
The government should also make arrangements to give masks at home to people as much as possible. Also, every state government should provide the facility of sanitizing the municipalities everywhere.

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