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Why Red Cross Day is celebrated, what is its role in corona epidemic period

World Red Cross Day: Why Red Cross Day is celebrated

The organization, founded in the year 1863 with the mission of protecting human life and health, the Red Cross is known for its volunteer...
56,383 cases of coronavirus have been reported in India. Of these, 37,714 are active cases. 16,776 people have recovered. 1889 people have died.

Coronavirus India: 56383 cases in the country so far 1889 people died

Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in India. The situation in Maharashtra and Gujarat is quite serious. There were 1,216 cases in Maharashtra during this...
Coronavirus World Updates Around 38 lakh people worldwide have been infected with the corona virus. At the same time, more than 2.67 lakh people have died.

Coronavirus World Updates: Nearly 2500 people died in US in last 24 hours

New York. The coronavirus is now ravaging the entire world. Around 38 million people worldwide are infected with the coronavirus. At the same time,...