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From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

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May 5 is observed as World Asthma Day all over the world. Its main objective is to bring awareness among people about asthma disease.

World Asthma Day: awareness to people about asthma disease

May 5 is observed as World Asthma Day all over the world. Its main objective is to bring awareness to people about asthma disease....
Fitness Tips If you are also missing a workout for fitness, then instead of running for a while, it can be a good workout.

Fitness Tips: Walk through these 5 ways to lose weight and stay fit

Lifestyle Desk. Whether to lose weight or maintain fitness, there is nothing better than walking. Especially for those who do not get time to...
Vitamin-E Oil Benefits This oil can be used in many ways from head to toe. Vitamin-E can cause fat to your body in many ways.

Benefits of Vitamin-E oil for the skin, use it in 5 ways

Lifestyle Desk. Vitamin-E Oil Benefits: Vitamin-E capsules, also known as Evion, are rich in health properties. This oil can be used in many ways...
Cleaning the tongue is as important as brushing. Do not miss it at all because they also indicate many diseases. Know the different colors and associated signs of the tongue.

The color of the tongue tells what is lacking in the body and which...

Cleaning the tongue is also as important as brushing in the morning because the food gets stuck in the teeth and sticks to the...
Bone Marrow Cancer Cancer is a disease that is difficult to treat as well as painful. Also, awareness about different types of cancer is also necessary.

Bone Marrow Cancer: What is Bone Marrow Cancer? Learn leukemia symptoms and treatment

Lifestyle Desk. Bone Marrow Cancer: Cancer is fast becoming a common disease worldwide. It is a condition where abnormal cells divide uncontrollably into the...
In the summer, our skin and hair are spoiled by sun-dust and dirt. In this case, skin and hair need extra care. Then you will know the benefits of Parseley.

How to use Parsley for beautiful skin and strong hair

Parsley is excellent for keeping hair from becoming dry and lifeless in the summer season and for making the skin soft and radiant. Learn...
We are all aware of this that catering for good health and slim body makes a lot of matter. So how to stay fit and healthy will know here.

If you want to look slim and fit, you will have to be careful...

Lifestyle Desk. While some are upset in the lockdown, some people are enjoying it very much. Different types of dishes are being made in...
Seeing the work of both office and home, stress is there, instead of getting stuck in it, find an option to get out of it. Here we are sharing with you some tips which are quite effective.

Try these formulas to be happy with relieving stress

The long list of work and negative environment are some of the reasons that work to give you stress even if you don't want...
Lycopene found in red colored vegetables and fruits is nowadays being used in anti-aging creams. Here will know how beneficial tomato is to enhance beauty ...

Tanning with dry skin should be rid of, so use tomatoes

The lycopene element present in tomato is very beneficial for our skin as well as health. Vitamins A, C, K, B-6 as well as...
The Coronavirus Usage Of AC government has issued new guidelines related to the use of ACs and coolers. While operating in homes, its temperature should be from 24 to 30 degree centigrade.

Coronavirus & Usage Of AC: Government guidelines, run AC-cooler but like this …

Lifestyle Desk. The government has recently issued new guidelines due to Coronavirus. The government has issued Guidelines to prevent the spread of AC and...

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