Corona lost 2.65 lakh lives in the world: Death toll in US is close to 75 thousand

In New York, people clapped for health workers. The state is now witnessing a decrease in infections and deaths.
In New York, people clapped for health workers. The state is now witnessing a decrease in infections and deaths.

Washington. So far, 2,65,000 people have died due to coronavirus in the world. 38 lakh 21 thousand 687 people are infected, while 12 lakh 99 thousand 417 have been cured. The highest number of people in Europe is 30 thousand lives in Britain. Earlier Italy was in the first place here. On the other hand, the US President said on Wednesday that the White House Corona Task Force will not be abolished. A day earlier, he and Vice President Mike Pence had said that it would end up creating a group to open up the economy. But now this panel will focus on making vaccines.

America: 2073 deaths in one day
2073 people died in 24 hours in America and 25 thousand 459 cases were received. The death toll in the country has now reached 74 thousand 799. At the same time, 12 lakh 63 thousand 92 are infected. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that 232 people lost their lives in a day in the state. Of these 207 died in hospital and 24 in nursing home. Now there is a decrease in infections and deaths.

Corona worst attack ever: Trump
Trump on Wednesday compared the Corona infection to the attack on Pearl Harbor. He said that this is the worst attack on the country so far. If China had taken steps in time, this epidemic would not have caught the whole world. On December 7, 1941, about two and a half thousand Americans were killed in this attack.

649 people have died and over five thousand new cases have been found in a day in more than 2 lakh infected Britain. With this, the number of infected in the country has exceeded two lakhs. Also, 30 thousand 76 people have lost their lives. Restrictions in the country may be relaxed from Monday.

Italy: Constant decrease in dead In
Italy, during the 24 hours, 369 people have died. The Civil Protection Department said on Wednesday that till May 6, the number of infected in the country has increased to 2 lakh 14 thousand 457. Italy is one of the countries most affected by Corona in Europe. At the same time, the highest number of deaths occurred in Britain.

Focus on the epidemic rather than accuse America: China
Chinese Ambassador Sui Tianki to the US advised the US government to stop the game of accusation and counter the epidemic. He said- It will not be right to accuse China, because it will weaken the fight against the epidemic. The tendency of always bashing China is dirty politics for political gains. China was the first to suffer from the epidemic, so there is no question of being held responsible. If China has to compensate for the loss from Corona, then the US should also make up for the financial crisis in 2008.

Syria: Removing
sanctions Syria will remove sanctions. Public transport will be allowed in the states from May 10. The schools will be opened from 31 May. The government’s Corona Response Center issued a statement on Wednesday, stating, “All types of public transport operations in public and private sectors will be resumed in all provinces of the country. However, social distancing will be taken care of in the meantime. Syria. One of the least affected countries in West Asia. So far 45 cases have been confirmed and three have died.

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