According to the researchers, NAD boosters may be given to the elderly corona victims to improve the immune system.
According to the researchers, NAD boosters may be given to the elderly corona victims to improve the immune system.

Researchers at Harvard University have done the research to reduce the incidence of corona infection in the elderly compared to the young. They say that by giving anti-aging drugs to the elderly, their immune system can be made like the youth so that it can fight the war against Corona. Around 80 percent of patients worldwide suffering from corona are over 65 years of age who are 23 times more likely to die.

The immune system of the elderly delays detection of the virus
as the aging body’s immune system weakens. It takes a long time to detect and attack a virus when it arrives in the body. During this time the virus rapidly increases its number and the patient’s condition becomes critical. If the person is already suffering from some disease then the situation worsens further.

Anti-aging supplements recommend NAD boosters
Scientists at Harvard University say NAD boosters can be given to improve the immune system. It is a new form of anti-aging supplements. According to the researchers, the lower the level of NAD in the body, the slower the essential work of the body, the slower it will affect health. Especially the disease caused by increasing age is directly related to it.

According to researchers aged 72% of those who die of infection, the most important thing is that the technique can be used to treat corona by reducing the effect of age. According to data from Britain’s National Health Services, 72 percent of Corona patients are aged 60 years. Of this also, 58 percent are male. In England, 91 percent of patients who died of infection were also 60 years old.

Immune cells weaken with age, according to the
Harvard Medical School team, in young, immune cells recognize corona as soon as it enters the respiratory tract. These cells try to eliminate it directly so that it cannot spread in the body. In the elderly, these cells lose activity with age. The NAD booster contains vitamin-B3 which translates a chemical called nicotinamide ribotype into NAD just as it does in youngsters.

According to NAD only better molecular
researcher David Siklair, the vaccine also begins to weaken with age. Therefore, the elderly need to be strengthened like the youth to fight the corona. NAD is the better molecule at the moment. It can also be helpful in improving the vaccine.

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