Surgical mask to avoid corona in crowded area
Surgical mask is not effective to avoid corona in crowded area.

IIT Bhubaneswar Study: The second wave of the corona has started. Corona’s cases continue to touch new records. However, the government has also taken effective steps across the country to prevent this. Masks and handwashing are the most necessary steps to prevent corona. At the same time, getting the vaccine is also an effective step to protect against corona. A study by IIT Bhubaneswar has revealed that surgical masks are not fully effective in crowded spaces and during normal interactions. In such a situation there may be leakage of droplets, which can cause corona. The study states that commonly used masks and face shields are not able to protect against droplets exiting during breathing.

This study has been done by Dr. Venugopal Arumuru, Assistant Professor of IIT Bhubaneswar, and his team. Breathing patterns were studied during this period, with breathing by a healthy adult during breathing and walking during quiet standing. The study revealed that small droplets (whose diameters are less than 10 micrometers) exhale during breathing and can travel up to four feet within five seconds. In such a situation, the surgical mask is not effective during normal interactions. This study recommends not to use surgical masks in this situation. At the same time, putting surgical masks and face shields together in hospitals is also not much better. In such a situation there is a possibility of droplets leakage.

Studi states that the two-layer cotton masks made in-house are also not effective. A mask of five layers is most effective for preventing leakage. The report said that physical distancing of four feet is necessary during negotiations. Also, wearing a face shield alone is not completely preventable.

Dr. Venugopal Arumuru said that the study done so far was about the virus spread by phlegm and sneezing, but the spread of the virus by breath was not studied. In this case, this study will prove to be very effective.

Director of IIT Bhubaneswar Prof. RV Rajkumar thanked the entire team for this study. IIT Bhubaneswar has devised a number of techniques for combating Corona and has conducted several important studies.


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