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Stay Home Stay Safe: These tips can help you to fight with the second wave of Corona

Health Tips: The second wave of corona in India is growing extremely fast. In such a situation, protecting yourself and your family is the first priority. We have to be physically and mentally healthy. Under these circumstances, learning of the first wave of corona can be of great use to you. So we had to be ready to fight the epidemic again. Let us know what the experts are telling us how to deal with this danger, read also what causes risk for type 2 diabetes.

1. Follow the routine

Make a plan for the day. This will help you get the least out of it. With this, we will feel controlled and will be able to focus and do our work.

2. Be physically active

It is necessary to remain physically active despite being at home. So exercise at home. Do yoga and take a walk at home premises.

3. Nutritious diet

At this time, a nutritious diet is very important. Reduce sugar-salt and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat a sufficient amount of fat, protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

4. Mental health

Seek a doctor’s help if you feel restless, tense, and more headaches. You will feel good by taking deep breaths and constantly talking to friends and family. Stay connected with people and maintain relationships. This will improve the emotional level. Eat your favorite things and fulfill your hobbies. Stay away from negative thoughts as far as possible.

5. Get Inspired

Learn from a celebrity, athlete, friend, etc. how they fit in an epidemic. Motivation is very important in this era. Listen to a song, read a book, and take a walk. This will make you feel refreshed. Remember that as soon as the first wave was over, the second will also end soon. Just you have to be careful.

6. Keep information but not much

Keep an eye on news and information. But stay away from extremely sensational information. Try to live in the present. Do not worry too much about the future.

7. Sleep well

Adequate sleep is necessary to stay healthy. So follow the sleep routine. Exercising during the day will result in good sleep at night. Turn off electronic devices an hour before bedtime.


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