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Now Google map will make your journey simpler by telling the traffic signal of the route

Google map
Google map

Google Maps has become our requirement at this time. Sometimes, the method deviates, then the Google map in the smart phone is the only assistance to reach the destination. Realizing the need of Google Map among individuals, Google is now going to include a new feature in this app. With the help of this feature, the way will be easier. This will likewise conserve time. It is being told that the traffic signals on the intersections will soon be seen on the Google map. This function is currently being worked on. This function will be presented quickly.

Traffic light icons appear on Google Map

According to tech site Android Life, the traffic signal icon will appear on the users’ Google map. This feature can be utilized to see traffic signals not only throughout navigation however likewise during search. The length of time it will require to take a trip on which paths, this app will also be able to understand.

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This feature will make Google Map better than previously

Let us know that before this, in the Google map providing info about traffic and hotel-restaurants around you, you will now likewise see traffic signals at cross ways. Presently the experiment on this feature is going on and soon this function will be rolled out. After the intro of this feature, Google Map will be much better than previously.

Apple has actually released this feature only in 2015.

Let us understand that Apple has released this feature in its iOS 13 only last year. At the same time, Google will bring it now. Nevertheless, in spite of this, this function is going to be of terrific use for users. Some screenshots of this feature have likewise been shared. It can be seen clearly that the traffic signals being available in the route being utilized are visible in the map.



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