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Indian Navy Day 2020: Why celebrate Indian Navy Day? know history and importance

Indian Navy Day 2020
Indian Navy Day 2020

Indian Navy Day

Indian Navy Day 2020: The Indian Navy plays a special role in protecting the country’s maritime borders. And also contributes to strengthening India’s international relations. According to the official website JoinIndianNavi, the Indian Navy is a balanced and well-formed three-pronged force capable of operating above the surface of the ocean, over and under the surface and efficiently protecting our national interests.

Importance and history

The Indian Navy is one of the top ten naval forces in the world as well as ranked 7th in the world. The headquarters of the Indian Navy is located in New Delhi and is under the control of the Chief Naval Officer-Admiral. Looking at the history, the Indian Navy was earlier called the Royal Indian Navy but, after January 26, 1950, it was renamed the Indian Navy. India’s naval forces played an important role in World War II. Indian Naisena is considered the most powerful force in South Asia.

The history of the Indian Navy is replete with feats of bravery. As such, the Navy was first established in India in 1612 by the East India Company to protect its ships. But over time, its administrative system and responsibility changed and grew in the color of Indianness. When the British came to India through the East India Company, they formed the Navy to protect their sea lanes. He later named it the Royal Indian Navy. Then later when India became independent, the Navy was reorganized in 1950. Currently, the Indian Navy is the fifth largest navy in the world and the Indian Navy’s exploits became an example in the 1971 war, when the Karachi attack devastated Pakistan. Let’s know why Indian Navy Day is celebrated on December 4 itself and what is its historical significance –

– Indian Navy started Operation Trident on 4 December 1971. During the Bangladesh Liberation War, India severely bombed Pakistan’s Karachi port with heavy bombing. Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4 December due to the great success of this expedition.

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– During the liberation of Bangladesh, the three wars of India performed brilliantly in the 1971 war. Meanwhile, the Indian Navy also buried Pakistan’s PNS Ghazi submarine in water. In this might, India’s warship INS-Vikrant had a great role. Earlier, the Indian Navy also performed well in the 1965 war.

– Although the history of the Navy in India is from the mythological period. Naval history is also mentioned in our mythological texts. But during the British colony, the Navy was given a facelift from the Royal Indian Navy. Then on 26 January 1950 it was renamed as Indian Navy. The Indian Navy not only protected independence, but also played an important role in achieving independence.

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When the Azad Hind Fauj of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose waged an armed struggle against the British, Indian soldiers of the Royal Indian Navy revolted and on 18 February 1946 declared India’s independence on a ship named HIMS Talwar. By then, these insurgencies of naval troops had rapidly reached 78 ships and about 20 seashores. Around 20,000 naval personnel joined this military coup. But Indian leaders did not support this military coup.

In 1961, the Indian Navy also played an important role in expelling the Portuguese from Goa. The Navy achieved a spectacular victory in Operation Vijay. Marcos commandos of the Indian Navy are known as the best commandos in the world. Marcos commandos rescued the then Education Minister of Maldives, including hostages, from a hijacked ship in Indian waters in 1988. Marcos commandos of the Indian Navy were praised in this campaign worldwide.

What was Operation Trident?

Operation Trident was conduced on the intervening night of December 4 and 5 on the Pakistan Naval Headquarters in Karachi. The attack ravaged Pakistan’s fuel storage tankers, sinked four of their boats — including minesweeper and a destroyer — and killed 500 Pakistani Navy personnel.

No Indian sailors were killed in the attack. For the first time in the India Pakistan war of 1971, the Pakistani ship was attacked with an anti-ship missile. Operation Trident was followed by operation Python just three days later. Again, no Indian sailors were killed in the attack, while the operation managed to damage Pakistani fleet tanker PNS Dacca.

The primary objective of the Indian Navy is to safeguard maritime borders as well as assist in improving the country’s bilateral relations by carrying out goodwill visits and humanitarian missions at the time of the need.

Several Navy personnel were honoured with gallantry awards for the operation. Strike group commander Cdr Babru Bhan Yadav was awarded Maha Vir Chakra for planning and leading the task force, while former Gulab Mohanlal Hiranandani, who was the fleet Operations Officer back then, was awarded Nau Sena media for the detailed operational planning.

Every year, Navy Day recognises the valour, achievement, and role of India’s naval force.

December 4 is a special day

On 3 December 1971, the Pakistani army attacked the airspace and the border area of ​​India. In response to this, India attacked the Karachi Navy on 4 December 1971 under ‘Operation Trident’ in retaliation. During this time, the Navy destroyed many ships and Karachi oil depots in Pakistan which kept burning for seven days. Naval Day is celebrated every year on 4 December in honor of the victory, achievements and sacrifices of the brave soldiers of the Indian Navy in this war.

Indian Navy Day 2020 Theme

The theme of Navy Day 2020 is “Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible & Cohesive”.

Who is known as the father of the Indian Navy?

Chhatarpati Shivaji Bhosle, Maratha emperor, is considered as ‘Father of the Indian Navy’.

Who is the mother of Indian Navy?

INS Viraat – ‘Mother‘ Air Craft Carrier Of Indian Navy. INS Viraat, a Centaur-class aircraft carrier, was the flagship of Indian Navy until 2013 and decommissioned recently after nearly three decades of service with the country’s naval force.

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