Petrol Diesel Price
Petrol Diesel Price 15 February 2021

Monday, 15 February 2021: Petrol and diesel prices have also increased for the seventh consecutive day from the state oil companies. Today, the price of diesel has increased from 29 to 30 paise, while the price of petrol has increased from 25 to 26 paise. Petrol prices have reached an all-time high in Delhi and Mumbai.

A liter of petrol now costs Rs.95.46 in Mumbai as compared with Rs.95.21 a liter on Sunday. Diesel is retailing at Rs.86.34 a liter, 30 paise more than yesterday’s price.

Oil marketing companies increased the retail prices of petrol and diesel prices for the seventh successive day across the country. Following the daily revision in auto fuel rates, petrol prices rose by 23-26 paise while diesel prices went up by 28-30 across four metropolitan cities in the country.

In Delhi, petrol prices climbed to Rs.88.99 a liter as against Rs.88.73 per liter on Sunday while diesel was retailing at Rs.79.35 (29 paise increase) a liter as per data from Indian Oil Corporation website. In the last seven days, the price has gone up by Rs.2.06 per liter for petrol while diesel rate has risen by Rs.2.56 a liter.

People in Mumbai have to shell out Rs.95.46 for a liter of petrol after a 25 paise increase over Sunday’s price. A liter of diesel costs Rs.86.34, 30 paise more than yesterday’s price of Rs.86.04 a liter. In Kolkata, the pump price of petrol was hiked by 24 paise to Rs.90.25 a liter, from Rs.90.01 recorded on Sunday. Diesel costs Rs.82.94 a liter, 29 paise more than Sunday’s price.

Petrol became 23 paise costlier today in Chennai and is selling at Rs.91.19 per liter while diesel price went up to Rs.84.44, 28 paise more than yesterday’s price of Rs.84.16 a liter.

Worth mentioning here is that central and state taxes make up for over 61 per cent of the retail selling price of petrol and about 56 per cent of diesel. Last week, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had told Parliament that the Centre is not planning a cut in excise duty to cool rates from their record highs, adding that he prices are dependent on the international crude oil price.

Here’s the latest price on February 15

 City  Petrol (Rs/liter)  Diesel (Rs/liter)
 Delhi  88.99  79.35
 Kolkata  90.25  82.94
 Mumbai  95.46  86.34
 Chennai  91.19  84.44
 Bengaluru  91.97  84.12
 Hyderabad  92.53  86.55
 Patna  91.38  84.57
 Lucknow  87.64  79.72
 Jaipur  95.44  87.69
 Gurugram  87.00  79.92

Petrol crossed Rs.100

In Parbhani district of Maharashtra on Sunday in Parbhani district of Maharashtra. President of Parbhani District Petrol Dealers Association, Amol Bhedsurkar said that the price of additives petrol has reached Rs.100.16 per liter while unleaded petrol is Rs 97.38. Petrol is the most expensive in Parbhani in the state. This is because of the long distance of transportation.

Petrol comes from Manmad in Nashik district, which is 340 km away. She said that if the price increases by 10 paise, then we have to spend Rs.3000 extra for each tanker. Due to this, fuel is expensive here.



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