Indian Railways News: Rush for train tickets, read these rules before traveling

Indian Railways has issued new guidelines in respect of trains running from May 12, starting special passenger train services.

New Delhi. As a major relief amid the lockdown, 15 pairs of AC special trains are starting operations from Tuesday. These trains are running on 15 routes from New Delhi to Rajdhani Express. Booking for these trains started at 6 pm on Monday evening. Earlier, the booking was to be done from four o’clock in the evening, but the crowd gathered for booking tickets crashed the website of IRCTC. So the booking had to be stopped for two hours.

After the booking started again, there were 54 thousand reservations within three hours. This rush for tickets can be gauged as to how much the crowd is going to grow for their cities as soon as they get relief in the lockdown.

A total of 30 trains will run up and down. Out of these, 16 trains will run daily, eight trains two days a week, two trains three days a week and four trains weekly. Railways have released the list of stations with the stoppage of these trains. This includes the names of most of the major cities on the route. As soon as the operation of these special trains starts in a better manner, there is a preparation to run the second phase trains soon.

Please tell that today 15 special trains are going to run from Rajdhani Delhi. However, labor special trains started from Labor Day will continue to operate. Indian Railways has issued new guidelines in respect of trains running from May 12, starting special passenger train services.

Your confirmed ticket for railway

According to the guidelines of the Union Home Ministry, no other pass than confirmed ticket will be required to catch the train during the lockdown. This confirmed ticket will also be valid as a pass for the driver of the train transporting the passenger to the station.

Must reach the station 90 minutes before

Passengers traveling by special train will have to reach the station 90 minutes in advance. Actually, the railway wants to make sure that the passengers traveling are fully healthy, so they will have a health check, for which they have been asked to reach the station one and a half hours earlier.

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Entry will be received from Paharganj only

To catch these special trains from New Delhi station, the entry has been allowed from the Paharganj side i.e. platform number one side. It is mandatory for all passengers to arrive at the station one and a half hours in advance for their primary health checkup.

Confirmed ticket required

It is necessary to have a valid ticket for the train to enter the station premises. The visit to the station will be allowed only after being found perfectly healthy. The traveler will be required to apply masks and keep a distance from each other during the station and fairy journey. All travelers have been advised to download the Arogya Setu application. For travel on these special trains, tickets can be taken up to seven days in advance (advance). Tickets can be booked only through the IRCTC website or mobile app. No railway reservation agent is allowed to book tickets. To discourage ticket cancellation, the rules have been made stricter under which 50 percent fare will be deducted on cancellation of tickets. Ticket cancellation will also have to be done 24 hours in advance.

Neither sheet nor towel

On the first day of the start of the special Rajdhani trains, a total of 15 operational will leave for their destination. Passengers will have to take the train with the cover, towel with food and water. However, the Railways said that the air conditioner temperature in the train will be kept normal. All coaches will be air-conditioned first, second, and third AC class. The Rajdhani train will be charged the fare already determined, but will not include food and food charges.

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Trusting your own vegetable

Despite being a special Rajdhani Express train, the catering charge will not be charged along with its ticket. There are no provisions like prepaid food or e-catering. That is, the traveler will have to rely on his own bread and vegetables. The ICRCT will provide bottled water and some limited packets with paid food items.

Catering will have to be paid

If the fare is being taken at par with Rajdhani Express trains, it does not mean that you will get catering in these trains for free. The Railways says that it has not taken catering money in the fare of the rail, so passengers will have to pay the catering. Canned food will be given to passengers, which will not be cooked in the train pantry and will be offered from outside. Railways have already made it clear that canned food will be provided on the train, but no water bottle will be given. The Railways has taken this step as a precaution regarding Coronavirus infection. Therefore, passengers have to bring water from their homes for drinking.

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