Lockdown discussion with PM: 5 states demand – Lockdown should be increased

In the meeting with PM Modi, it was suggested to increase the lockdown caused by Corona by 5 states including 4 opposition-ruled states.
In the meeting with PM Modi, it was suggested to increase the lockdown caused by Corona by 5 states including 4 opposition-ruled states.

New Delhi. As many voices are raising to remove the lockdown caused by the corona, as many voices are also raising about not removing it outright. Rather, it is being suggested by some opposition-ruled states to increase it. Given the kind of ideas that came up in the meeting held with the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers of all the states regarding the way forward, it can be assumed that relief in lockdown will be increased at present, but with conditions.

Along with green, orange and red zone may also be slightly more tender. That is, the activity will be made a little more normal in the rest except for the Containment area. Additional softening must be taken to accelerate industrial activity but life will not be normal now. In areas like traffic, entertainment, education will have to wait. The lockdown is in force until 3 Sunday.

Five states openly suggest increased lockdown

In the last few days, the central government is continuously increasing relief. Actually the idea is now dominating that the lockdown cannot be kept for long. And that’s why there was a desire to give big relief from the coming Monday, but in the long discussion of all the Chief Ministers with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, Bihar, Punjab, Telangana, West Bengal, and Maharashtra openly suggested to increase the lockdown. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that it cannot run without it. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also raised the question of politics but spoke of increasing the lockdown. Tamil Nadu also refused rail and air services. There was a suggestion of a complete ban in the Red Zone from Rajasthan.

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PM Modi said, Corona will have to be defeated unitedly

While emphasizing teamwork in his opening address, the Prime Minister said that now the expansion of Corona has been assessed. It has to be defeated in unison. At the same time, economic activities starting slowly will also have to intensify.

The Prime Minister said that India has controlled successfully and it is being appreciated globally. Moving forward, one has to keep in mind that the corona is not expanded. We have to take care of the necessary safety standards. All the Chief Ministers were given an opportunity to speak in the two sessions. Till now, only seven to eight Chief Ministers had the opportunity to speak in four such meetings each time.

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Lockdown will completely go away

According to sources, according to the squeeze that is coming out in the meeting which lasted for about five hours, it should be assumed that the lockdown will go on and off. Meanwhile, states will have to speed up testing and treatment. The first batch of rail services starts on Tuesday. It is said that inland air service can also be started at a very limited level. There will definitely be strictness in the Containment Zone, but economic activity will intensify in the remaining areas. That means most shops will also open. However, it is for the states to decide how to operate it.

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