The picture is of Connaught Place in Delhi. This area, which is busy on normal days, is deserted due to lockdown. Delhi has 11 districts and all are hot spots. There is currently no relief in lockdown.
The picture is of Connaught Place in Delhi. This area, which is busy on normal days, is deserted due to lockdown. Delhi has 11 districts and all are hot spots. There is currently no relief in lockdown.

New Delhi. The primary stop of the lockdown gave till May 3 the nation over is 20 April for example today. As per the declaration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from today onwards there will be some relaxation in lockdown in territories where corona infection isn’t spreading. In any case, prepares, transports and flights won’t start there until 3 May. That is, 100 million populace won’t have the option to go anyplace by May 3. At present, 170 areas of the nation are hotspots ie red zone. 6 Metro urban communities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad are likewise included. 207 locale has been put in non-hotspots ie white zone and 359 in the green zone.

Where there will be relaxation and no relaxation will not be given in

Punjab, Telangana, and Delhi in any lockdown from April 20. Altered lockdown will be appropriate in Rajasthan, for example, numerous divisions and tasks will be absolved, yet with security conditions. In Maharashtra as well, the modern movement will begin in a similar 26 areas where crown cases are less. Manufacturing plants in Haryana need to begin working with consistence with security guidelines. In any case, they also will be permitted to work simply after application. Dhabas will be opened on the parkway. Consent has been given to begin specific exercises in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar likewise with conditions. It has been chosen to begin enterprises in Uttar Pradesh. Be that as it may, Chief Minister Adityanath has said that DMs ought to settle on their own as indicated by the states of their areas.

Government has

clarified that there will be unwinding of limitations in the non-control territory as it were. The Central Government has made it understood on Sunday that from April 20, alleviation will be given uniquely in those regions which don’t fall in the Containment Area ie Red Zone. Control territories in hotspot areas won’t be given any concession. Wellbeing Ministry Joint Secretary Luv Agarwal said that lone fundamental administrations will be permitted in the Containment Zone. Aside from this, no action will be endorsed. He said that throughout the previous 14 days no coronavirus cases have been accounted for in 54 locales the nation over.

Migrant workers, about whom the nation is concerned, will stay inside the state

The administration has given a rule for transient workers on Sunday. As indicated by this, the vagrant workers will have the option to move inside the states for the modern exercises being begun halfway in the states from today. Notwithstanding, the administration clarified that workers would not have the option to move to start with one state then onto the next. Association Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla said that till May 3, no workers will have the option to move between different states. This choice has been taken when vagrant workers caught in places like Mumbai, Surat, Delhi are attempting to go to their homes.

Only the essential goods can be ordered from e-commerce companies

Internet business organizations have been permitted to convey just fundamental things. Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said on Sunday this would empower retail merchants to get equivalent chances. In the warning gave on April 15, the legislature had said that from April 20, internet business organizations will have the option to sell medications, electronic items and so forth.

‘Earth cycle’ will start in Maharashtra, where there are maximum cases

Maharashtra is generally influenced by Corona. The greater part of the passings has additionally happened in this state. Beginning today, mechanical exercises will be begun in 26 areas proclaimed as Green Zone and Orange Zone. Boss Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that exercises will be begun in these regions with certain limitations. He said-We should begin this cycle from April 20. Organizations that are happy to permit their laborers to remain during the lockdown will be given proportion and crude material by the state. Mechanical exercises will be begun in the Green Zone and Orange Zone with limitations. Organizations must furnish laborers with convenience. Laborers won’t go far for work.

Uttar Pradesh, where the largest population, there is no relief in 19 districts

There will be no alleviation in lockdown in 19 areas of Uttar Pradesh. More than 10 coronavirus cases have been accounted for here. In a gathering taken through video conferencing, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told the DMs and cops of the considerable number of the locale that no help will be given in the problem area territory. Just cleaners, wellbeing laborers and conveyance floats will be permitted in these territories. The DMs of the rest of the regions should make a choice at their level, given the circumstance.

Delhi, the capital of the country, there is no concession

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that remembering the lives of Delhiites, we have concluded that no alleviation will be allowed in the lockdown from April 20. We will have a survey meeting with specialists on 27 April. In which further choice will be taken considering the circumstance. Lockdown rules will be loose whenever required. Delhi has 11 locales and all are problem areas. As per the guidelines of the Central Government, no concession can be given in the Containment Zone.

The Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha, where the MPs sit, work will start in their secretariats from today

Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha will start functioning from today. However, only 33 per cent of the staff has been allowed to work here. This staff has also been instructed to sit at least 6 feet away from each other and work in shifts.

The deputy secretary and above officers will start work at the central government office from where the country runs.

All deputy secretaries and above officers will return to work from today. All of them have been doing work from home for about a month due to the lockdown. A senior official, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary, Special Secretary and Secretary level officers have taken over the responsibility of the Central Government offices since 13 April. In the revised guidelines on Wednesday, the Home Ministry had said that 100% of the Deputy Secretary and above officers will be present in all the Ministries and Departments and the offices under them. Only 33 percent of the remaining staff will work.


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