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Armed Forces Flag Day 2020: Why is the Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated in India and when it started?

armed forces flag day 2020
armed forces flag day 2020

Armed Forces Flag Day

Armed Forces Flag Day 2020: In the winter, while sleeping in a velvet note, tell your unconscious mind that more than 50 thousand soldiers are stationed on the advance peaks of India’s LOC. The temperature of the snowflakes is -40 degree centigrade and the oxygen is so low that the ability to think and understand is reduced to half. Soon you will come to the conclusion that the Armed Forces are passion and way of life. After the independence, the Indian armed forces not only won many direct wars, but also participated extensively in UN operations, disaster relief etc. Far from being disloyal and cult, these brave people saved thousands of lives in Jammu and Kashmir in 2014 and Kerala floods in 2018.

In 1949, a committee was formed under the chairmanship of the then defense minister and decided to celebrate Armed Forces Flag Day every year in order to soothe the multicolored tale of the valor of the soldiers. On this flag day organized for the welfare and rehabilitation of the ex-servicemen and the warriors who have won the war, the process of receiving donations in ‘philanthropic fund’ from all over the country started. At the central level, this work is carried out by the Central Military Board under the Ministry of Defense. There are 32 State Sainik Boards at the state level and 392 Zila Sainik Boards at the district level.

From flag-bearers to ordinary citizens and students on constitutional posts mounted on constitutional posts on the occasion of Flag Day, they feel connected with the psychologically armed forces by gracefully putting red, dark blue and sky flags on their chests and voluntarily donating Give. Last year, the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare of the Ministry of Defense raised sufficient funds by organizing a Corporate Social Responsibility Conference. Brigadier (C) Ravi, director of the Department of Military Welfare and Rehabilitation of Uttar Pradesh, with a population of four and a half lakh retired military personnel, says, ‘Flag Day is our high priority festival. This year, apart from flags, we have also sent car stickers for distribution to schools and institutions. This process of donation collection goes on continuously.

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Similarly, with the changing times, the state governments are also coming forward with open heart for the sons of the dead. Santoshi, wife of Colonel Santosh Babu, who was martyred in the Galwan Valley, was given direct posting by the Telangana government to the post of deputy collector in the state, a plot of 711 square yards in the posh Banjara Hills, worth Rs 10 crore and an ex-gratia amount of Rs five crore. .

Many unprecedented decisions were also taken in the last years to keep the morale of the army high. From the implementation of ‘One Rank One Pay’ to creation of the post of ‘Chief of Defense’ staff is its hallmark. ‘Mission Olympics’ started by the army is providing special training for eleven sports competitions. During the lockdown, the corona warriors were saluted by all three army members in June. It is the collective responsibility of the country to maintain the zeal of military personnel. On the special occasion of Flag Day, it will be expedient to undertake a comprehensive investigation of Vijay and understand it as well as remember the sacrifices of our soldiers.

At the present time, outlining the reasons for the lack of officers in the armed forces and the declining trend of youth towards them, says Retired Colonel Gyan Mishra of Dogra Regiment, “The facilities being given to the soldiers in comparison to the attractive package of the corporate sector Continuous reduction is a matter of concern. Abolition of free ration from Peace Station, CSD Ceiling in vehicle purchases from canteens, non-functional upgrading of civil services equivalent to civil services to the armed forces, prohibition orders to stay in hotels during the tour creates frustration among the young generation. ‘ Brigadier (C) Prabhat Bhatt, who served a two-and-a-half-decade-long service in the Army’s infantry unit, says, “If a military officer wants to buy a large SUV from his savings, he can get a CSD.” Can not buy through CSS for all ranks.

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Despite some internal problems, the morale of the gallant soldiers of the Indian Army is as high as Everest. The Indian Armed Forces are counted among the best in the world in professional efficiency. The contribution made by the citizens of the country on Flag Day is important in many ways. It is a symbol of the support and trust of the country’s 125 billion citizens towards their soldiers. The Indians are proudly stared at the visions of the valor of the young men dressed in uniform and technically prosperous armies in the Republic Day parade and other such events. The religion of our armies filled with feelings of dying, discipline and dutifulness for their motherland is a selfless country service, in which they dedicate themselves to it.

Armed Forces Flag Day is a day to be proud of the Army, Navy and Air Force – a festival to support them financially and psychologically.

“The soil of my India is sandalwood and abir / a hundred salutations to me, brother, I salute a hundred.” poet Som Thakur

Why is the Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated in India and when it started

The day of December 7 has been considered very special for the army and its soldiers. The reason for this is that on this day the Indian Army collects money from the people of India for the welfare of its brave soldiers. This day is called Armed Forces Flag Day. From the dignitaries of the Indian Army to the common people, they are expected to put up the symbol of the Indian Armed Forces, some economic support for the welfare of their brave soldiers. The red, dark blue and light blue colors included in this flag The plaques represent the three armies. This day was celebrated for the first time in 1949. Since then, it is being celebrated continuously.

This day also gives us a feeling that we are also standing shoulder to shoulder with the others for the families of the soldiers who are standing in difficult conditions on the border. There are three important motives behind celebrating this day. The first motive is to support the losses suffered during the war, the second motive is to help the army personnel and their families in the difficult situation, the third motive is the welfare of the retired soldiers and their families.

Let us tell you that on this day millions of people of the country play a part in economic cooperation for the army personnel. Apart from this, any interested person can also cooperate online by visiting the Central Sainik Board website. On 28 August 1949, a committee was formed by the then Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru government to collect funds for the welfare of Indian Army soldiers. It was only after its recommendations that December 7 was chosen for this day.

One of the major motives for celebrating this day was that the people of the country could express their gratitude to their brave soldiers and also realize how important it is to help them and their family. This day is celebrated not only in India but also in other countries for the help and welfare of the army personnel. This includes Britain where it began in 1956, apart from Cyprus, Kenya and Nigeria.



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