Human Rights Day
Human Rights Day 2020

Human Rights Day

World Human Rights Day 2020: ‘Human Rights Day‘ is observed every year on 10 December. In 1950, the United Nations declared World Human Rights Day as the day of 10 December (10 December) in 1950, with the aim of drawing the attention of the people of the world to human rights. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, but the day was officially announced in 1950. The Assembly invited all countries in 1950 to celebrate ‘International Human Rights Day’. After which the assembly passed a 423 (V) resolution and issued a notice to all countries and related organizations to celebrate this day.

Why is Human Rights Day celebrated?

Human Rights Day is celebrated with the aim of making people aware of their rights. Human rights also include the right to health, economic, social and education. Human rights are the fundamental natural rights from which human beings cannot be deprived or tortured on the basis of race, caste, nationality, religion, sex etc.

Human Rights Day 2020 theme

International Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on different themes. The theme for this year 2020 is ‘Stand Up for Human Rights’.

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Human Rights in India

Human rights law in India came into force on 28 September 1993. After which the government formed the National Human Rights Commission on 12 October 1993. The Human Rights Commission also works in political, economic, social and cultural fields. Such as wages, HIV AIDS, health, child marriage, women’s rights. The job of the Human Rights Commission is to make more and more people aware.

Necessity of Human Rights

Human rights are necessary because under this people can ensure the necessary resources to fulfill their basic needs- food, clothes, houses and education. Sometimes the establishment or any other authority oppresses the people. In such a situation, human rights guarantee them life, freedom, equality and security.

It is believed to work for human rights in 539 BCE. When Cyrus the Great’s army conquered Babylon, Cyrus freed the slaves. He declared that all people had the freedom to choose their religion and also established racial equality.

Independence is the most important human rights

UNO; Freedom of expression is the most important human rights. In Germany, freedom of speech is given the highest importance. These rights are – freedom of speech, right to safety, right to raise voice against economic exploitation and right to equality on the basis of color, race, language, religion, equality for law and right to defend.

Prof. Henkin is considered the father of human rights. He was instrumental in shaping international law after the Second World War. In a five-decade-long career at the School of Law affiliated with Columbia University, Prof. Henkin did considerable work in the field of international human rights.



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