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US deploys B-2 stealth bombers to Diego Garcia

U.S. Air Force deploy B-2 stealth bombers to Diego Garcia (Photo - Daily Mail)
U.S. Air Force deploy B-2 stealth bombers to Diego Garcia (Photo - Daily Mail)

The United States armed force’s Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) revealed that three B-2 stealth bombers of the US Air Force had been deployed to the remote Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia.

The three airplane left their home in Missouri on Tuesday to get here in Diego Garcia on Wednesday after a 29-hour flight.

The B-2 is the most sophisticated bomber in the United States Flying Force. Only 20 B-2 airplane are believed to be in operation and the airplane is mainly suggested for long-range attack missions versus well-defended targets given its reduced radar cross-section. The B-2 has a range in exercise of 10,000 km and can bring around 20 tonnes of bombs and rockets.

The last B-2 deployment to the INDOPACOM region remained in January 2019, when 3 aircraft released from Missouri to a base in Hawaii.

The implementation to Diego Garcia comes at a time of continuing US tension with China, particularly over the South China Sea. China is set to release workouts near Taiwan, mimicing an amphibious invasion.

Diego Garcia is considered an important base for the US, offered its proximity to the Middle East and South China Sea area. In addition, Diego Garcia is among the few US bases thought to have actually specialised shelters implied to house the B-2 bombers. The B-2 requires specialised shelters for prolonged deployment to ensure its stealth skin is undamaged.

The Drive likewise speculated the B-2 could be deployed to participate in the Malabar naval exercises that the Indian Navy is anticipated to host with the US at the end of this year.



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