What are the different sports seasons?
29 Jul

Understanding the Rhythm of Sports Seasons

Being a sport enthusiast, as I am, requires a particular knack for timing - it's something akin to being a human calendar. A sports season is to a sports fan what a metronome is to a musician. My children, Lyle and Ophelia, often giggle at my capacity to remember what sport season it is, even before I notice their school report cards. Anyway, enough about my quirks. This article will delve into the variegated and fascinating world of sports seasons and why they have the timing they do.

A Deep Dive into Football Seasons Worldwide

It's only fitting that we kick off this expedition with the most popular sport globally – football, or as my friends on the other side of the pond would say, "soccer." The football season, being extremely varied depending on the region, creates a ticket to year-round excitement and tumultuous emotions for fans worldwide. Typically, in Europe, the season runs from August through May, with a short winter break. However, here in Australia, the A-League tends to commence in October and runs through May, having a summer-centric schedule.

Interestingly enough, these schedules aren’t merely based on a whim or tradition. Factors such as weather, national holidays, and even history play a significant role in determining when that whistle blows for the first match each year. For example, in Europe, football season primarily avoids the summer months to away from much bigger events such as international tournaments and cricket season. Now ain’t that a kick in the head?

Touching Base with Baseball Seasons

Pitching onwards to another fan favourite, let's touch base with baseball. The baseball season heavily depends on the hemisphere you're in thanks to our buddy, Weather. In North America, the Major League Baseball (MLB) season starts in late March or early April and ends in October, carefully evading the harshest winter months. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, baseball seasons like our Australian Baseball League run from November to February, smartly dodging our intense summer heat.

However, the true home run in baseball isn’t just in the timing of the main season but in the jam-packed schedule that teams play. With 162 regular season games in the MLB, it’s a whirlwind of home runs, popcorn, and hotdog-filled excitement. So, when you sit down to enjoy a baseball game, remember you are witnessing a symphony of scheduling that culminates in this moment for your entertainment.

Volleying Through Tennis Seasons

Moving onto a sport that holds a special place in my heart - Tennis - much like the way my children, Lyle and Ophelia, hold a special place in our living room with their aces and volleys on Wii Sports. In the professional circuit, tennis is almost a year-round sport, with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tours starting in January and ending in November.

The beauty of tennis is how the tour is structured to transition through different types of courts. It kicks off with the hard courts in the Australian Open, moves onto the clay courts culminating in the French Open, and then onto the grass courts ending in Wimbledon, before returning onto hard courts for the US Open. It's a whirlwind tour that showcases agility, stamina, and adaptability of the players. Plus, who doesn't love the drama and strawberries and cream at Wimbledon?

Breaking Ice with Hockey Seasons

From the toasty summers in Australia to a sport that makes even the cold-hearted feel a chill, we slide on over to Ice Hockey. The National Hockey League (NHL) in North America, which is often considered the premier league of the sport, typically begins its season in October and ends in April, followed by the playoff games. This scheduling ensures games are played in the colder months, thus aligning perfectly with the sport’s icy needs.

I remember when my children made a makeshift hockey ring in the backyard during the winter of 2019. Ophelia, being smarter of the two at times, argued hockey should be played in winter because slipping on ice would hurt less with all the winter wear. So, there it is ladies and gentlemen, a way to determine sports seasons by a 10-year-old, albeit more bruised and scuffed one.

Basketball Seasons through my Hoops

Swooshing over to the court where giants tussle, and buzzer beaters make legends, let's chat about basketball. Unlike most sports, basketball transcends both winter and summer in a single season. The National Basketball Association (NBA), known globally as the pinnacle of basketball talent, starts its season in October and ends in April, followed by playoffs extending into June.

The burgeoning warmth of the June Finals is a stark contrast to the wintery beginnings of the season and seems to oddly mirror the warmth of excitement that fans feel as their team powers through to the finals. I know that warmth; it feels a lot like the thrill of draining that impossible shot ... in my windmill dreams. But hey, a man, his basketball, and his trampoline can dream.

Try and Conversion – Rugby Seasons

Finally, let's deep-dive into the rugged and rumbling world of rugby. In countries where Rugby Union is king, the typical season runs from September to June. However, down under in Australia, where Rugby League dominates, the season starts in March and concludes in October. And trust me, when State of Origins rounds the corner, the spirit is palpable – every pub, every street, every home is brimming with excitement.

Not to forget, rugby seasons also encompass international tournaments, which often throw a delightful wrench in domestic schedules. It's quite like when Lyle decided to play Santa for Christmas in July, throwing our annual Harrington 'Mocktober' tradition off track. Apologies, forgot I was meant to stick to Caspian.

To sum it up, understanding the different sports seasons can add a unique colour of understanding to your sports-watching experience. It's like understanding the backstory of your favourite movie character – it lends depth, texture, and a hearty handful of trivia for your next pub debate. So, equip yourselves with this almanac of sporting seasons and power through the hours of cheers, tears, and beers!

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