India China WMCC Meeting A round of negotiations is underway to ease the dispute on the Indo-China border.
India China WMCC Meeting A round of negotiations is underway to ease the dispute on the Indo-China border.

The Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination, WMCC) will meet on Thursday for consultation and coordination on Indo-China border matters. Actually, this meeting is a part of the ongoing talks to remove the forces from both the countries along the border ‘Line of Actual Control (LAC)’ and to reduce the tension there. The purpose of this dialogue is to end the border impasse in eastern Ladakh since last May. Under this, talks will be held on the process of removing troops deployed along the border so that peace can be restored between the two countries. This dialogue will be done virtually.

The 17th meeting of the WMCC was held last month in which the two countries had agreed to reduce tension on the border and withdraw troops. The agreement was based on bilateral agreement and protocol to restore peaceful relations between the two countries. Earlier in the WMCC talks held on July 24, the Chinese side was led by Hong Liang, director general of the Department of Border and Maritime Affairs, under China’s Foreign Ministry. After this, the Ministry of External Affairs had issued a statement that both countries agreed to the immediate removal of troops from the border on the basis of bilateral agreement and protocol. Let us know that on August 2, the fifth round of the Corps Commander level talks were held between the forces of the two countries.

The WMCC negotiations are chaired by Joint Secretary level officials of both countries. Despite repeated talks at the diplomatic and military levels, China has not moved out of the Depsang, Gogra and Finger areas. The Chinese military has been present in the Finger Area for more than three months. Not only this, by making a bunker here, he is turning his base into strong targets. India has expressed hope that China will work with sincerity to remove troops from the LAC in eastern Ladakh and restore peace in the border areas.



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