This season's new surprise is the second season of the web series 'Abhay' for those who like web series like 'Sacred Games' and 'Patal Lok'.
This season's new surprise is the second season of the web series 'Abhay' for those who like web series like 'Sacred Games' and 'Patal Lok'.

Digital Review: Abhay 2
Artists: Kunal Khemu, Ram Kapoor, Bidita Bagh, Chunky Pandey, Nidhi Singh, Asha Negi etc.
Director: Ken Ghosh
Rating: ****

This season’s new surprise is the second season of the web series ‘Abhay’ for those who like web series like ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Patal Lok’. Just now people have seen its hero Kunal Khemu’s best comedy film ‘Lootcase’ and this web series has just arrived. The 37-year-old man has been acting for the past 27 years and his fan base is also very good in the Hindi belt. ‘Abhay 2’ is getting the benefit of its main character STF officer Abhay Pratap Singh i.e. Kunal Khemu’s charisma, this time the challenges in front of the police are also dangerous, who would have thought that Chunky Pandey, Bidita Bagh,

So far, three episodes of the series have been released on the OTT platform G5 (ZEE5). As soon as this season starts, it takes the audience directly to its mutti. Chunky Pandey is more attentive to the audience than the English spelling of Lucknow written on the signboard and the geographical conditions that do not look like Uttar Pradesh. He is the first psycho killer of the series. The first episode ends with Ram Kapoor’s entry and the second episode begins with a climax when a man from Bidita Bagh dies. The understanding comes from the first episode that this time package is dhansu. There is a new psycho killer to be seen in every episode. Chunky Pandey is very much like the person sent to die, and the likes of those who give similar vibes are also of other psycho killers.

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Before proceeding to ‘Abhay 2’ review, this statutory warning is also necessary that this series is only for people 18 years or above. There is action in the series, there is emotion, there is drama and apart from that everything is not recommended to children to watch. Three episodes of the series have been released, hopefully by the weekend the rest will also come. If there are no small children at home, then ‘Abhay 2’ seems to be the right series for this weekend binge watching on Smart TV. By the way, there is a mobile and a laptop.

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BP Singh, the producer of various crime based series on the small screen, this time has created a whole army of writers for this season. In every episode, the police team is the same, just crime changes. This set of BP Singh’s crime content is formulaic and has been used till now. The first episode of ‘Abhay 2’, Chunky Pandey’s brilliant acting manages to establish its color. How someone who is upset with his father’s taunts starts frying (or say, boiling) others is a matter to be seen. The police force of ‘Abhay 2’ may not look like the Uttar Pradesh Police, but the crimes being shown in it give the audience a glimpse of the rampant crimes in Uttar Pradesh in recent times.

A series like ‘Abhay 2’ has its own psychology, and if research is done on the content created by BP Singh so far, a new literature on crime psychology can be prepared. Kunal Khemu’s work in ‘Abhay 2’ is at number one and Ram Kapoor at number two. Bidita Bagh managed to make an impact. After G5’s original film ‘Sholay Girl’, this is her return to this OTT. The series is still going on and it is evident that some other trump cards of acting have been kept by G5. They will be waiting to open.



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