Amaal Malik clashed with Salman Khan's fans on Twitter
Amaal Malik clashed with Salman Khan's fans on Twitter

Bollywood celebs often face trolling on Twitter. It is not necessary to make a controversial statement for this, even trollers fall behind them to express their choice. Recently something similar happened with composer and singer Amaal Malik. He told himself to be a fan of Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan’s fans got agitated after hearing this and a war started on Twitter.

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Actually Amaal Malik said in an interview that he is a fan of Shahrukh Khan. This thing went crazy to Salman Khan’s fans and he started trolling Amaal. Because Salman gave Amaal his first break from his film Jai Ho, the fans were agitated.

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Amaal Malik wrote, tweeting, ‘Today the world saw what the status of these illiterate fraternities is. It all started with Shahrukh Khan being a favorite actor and these idiots went crazy. I respect Salman Khan. They launched me. But this does not mean that he will tolerate the insolence of his fans.

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A user trolling Amaal wrote, ‘Amaal Malik was really shocked to see. Use of such vulgar language for girls too. You used worse language than those trollers. Never seen a celebrity doing such third class activity on social media platforms. The trollers didn’t stop here and they started abusing Amaal.

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Seeing this from Amaal Malik, the mercury went up and he started abusing instead of abuses. This ruckus continued on Twitter for several hours. After this Amaal made a tweet, ‘- Nice to see that the bharatards are reporting my tweets and deleting their own. Hopefully, people will be able to understand something from this that you cannot force people to change their choice. Your own, my own. How many times do you have to write? Do not know. It seems that these people do not get tired even in disgrace. ‘

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A fan tweeted, no one can end someone’s career when it is talent. Whatever may have happened before, but now everyone is supporting the talent. Amaal is very talented in you. You do not need to worry. In response to this, Amaal Malik wrote, ‘No no, only the career of talented people ends here, but will not work by licking Bollywood. Never have done or will not.

Amaal Malik is the son of music director Dabboo Malik and nephew of Anu Malik. Amal’s brother Armaan Malik is also a famous singer. Amaal has done for the first time today, has given music in songs like Sab tera, bol do na zara, kaun tujhe.



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