History of 25 August
History of 25 August

On August 25th in history, it should not be surprising if our new learning-knowing curiosity is linked to touching the peak. Eight years ago, the American spacecraft Voyager-1 started to travel outside the solar system on this day. It took 35 years for the aircraft to get there from Earth. Also in 1944, Hitler’s plans were razed in Paris.

Voyager-1 arrives in interstellar space

Voyager 1 was launched by NASA on 5 September 1977, which entered interstellar space on 25 August 2012. In February 1990, the aircraft took the first overview of the solar system. It is the farthest man-made object from Earth in space so far. Scientists say that after 40 thousand years this aircraft will be found from a star 1.7 light years away.

India won the World Polo Cup in 1957

By the way, polo is a very ancient sport. But in the history of modern India, in 1860, British soldiers tried to make it popular with the establishment of the Calcutta Polo Club. The Indian team participated in the World Polo Championship played in France in 1957 and also won the title. Even today in Rajasthan, polo is played with full fervor.

Today is also remembered in the pages of history because of these events…

1351: Sultan Ferozeshah Tughlaq III was crowned.
1916: Russia defeats Germany in the Battle of Tottenburg.
1917: Seven Indians serving in the British India Army received the Kings Commission for the first time.
1940: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia join the Soviet Union.
1977: Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Expedition to Haldia harbor begins.
1988: After a long war between Iran and Iraq, direct negotiations begin.
1991: Belarus breaks away from the Soviet Union and becomes an independent country.
1991: Chris Lewis set the record by completing 100 meters in 9.86 seconds, which was later broken by Usain Bolt.
1992: The British newspaper released the details of the conversation of Princess Diana, in which she expressed unhappiness over her marriage to Prince.
2001: Australian leg-spinner Shenwarn took 400 Test wickets in Test cricket.
2003: Car bombings in Mumbai killed more than 50 people and injured more than 150.
2011: The Sri Lankan government withdrew the declared emergency in the country after 30 years.
2012: Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to take the first step to the moon, dies.
2018: India’s shotput athlete Tejinderpal Singh Toor won the gold medal by a record performance at the Jakarta Asian Games.

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