History of 24th August
History of 24th August

Even if disputed, today is Kolkata’s birthday. The city of Calcutta, formerly the capital of the East India Company, was allegedly founded on 24 August 1690. At that time, Kolkata was a center of merchants, agents of the East India Company and a global power.

The East India Company reached Surat in 1608

Just a few days ago we celebrated the 74th anniversary of independence. But do you know that the foundation of our slavery towards the British was laid on this day about 412 years ago. In 1600, the British East India Company obtained permission from the Queen to explore new markets. About eight years later, in 1608, the first ship of the East India Company, Hector reached the coast of Surat. The company first occupied it and then went on to expand its empire until 1858. After the 1857 War of Independence, the British Queen took over the rule of India.

Pluto was out of the solar system in 2006

It is 2006. Pluto was until then considered the ninth planet in the solar system. Two and a half thousand astronomers were gathered in Prague. Voting took place and three standards were set to include planets in the solar system. First, the planet is one that revolves around the Sun. Second, the planet is one whose size is so large that it becomes spherical due to its gravity. Third, having its own orbit. Pluto failed in the third standard and was excluded from counting the planets of the Solar System. Occasionally, the demand to include it again in the planets of the Solar System continues to arise, but it has not been heard yet.

Today is also remembered in the pages of history because of these events…

1814: The British Army set the White House on fire on this day.

1891: Thomas Edison obtained a patent for the Kinetic Camera and Kinetoscope. This technique later became the foundation of the invention of cinema.

1908: Birthday of the Revolutionary Shivaram Rajguru

1914: World War I: Naimur was captured by the German Army.

1954: Brazilian President Getulio Vargas commits suicide after resigning amid deep political equations.

1969: V.V. Giri became the fourth Indian President.

1974: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed becomes the fifth President of India.

1991: Ukraine separates from Soviet Union and becomes an independent country.

1993: Los Angeles police begin investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against pop star Michael Jackson.

1995: Microsoft Windows 95 was launched in North America for general public use.

1999: Pakistan refuses to consider 8 prisoners of war captured by India during the Kargil operation as prisoners of war.

2000: Former Bangladesh President Muhammad Irshad sentenced to 5 years.


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