Depression and Anxiety
Depression and Anxiety: These are the basic symptoms which can be identified in a person.

Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

Depression is a very serious disease that affects the mental health of a person badly. A person suffering from depression goes on to despair and negativity. The person becomes emotionally weak and there is a loss of creative ability in him. A friend or partner can help a person suffering from this disease to get out of depression. Depression and anxiety, both can happen in someone at the exact same time. Research has revealed that over 70 percent of people with depressive disorders also have symptoms of anxiety. According to a report published in the Daily Mail, Zachary Dereniowski, a Canadian medical student and motivational speaker, has found a method that will help identify a person’s fear of depression, helping to save an affected person from premature depression. can go.

These are the five symptoms on the basis of which the symptoms of depression can be identified in a person.

1. If a person always says that he is tired, then understand that there will be an attack of depression in him.

2. People facing difficult situations like diversion or unemployment also become a victim of depression. If such a person is seen behaving differently than usual, then he has come under depression.

3. If a person constantly says that he is very busy and always immersed in something unnecessary, then there is a lot of fear of depression in him.

4. A person always engrossed in things, his behavior is very rough and remains emotionally depressed, then that person has come into depression.

5. If a person starts taking less interest in the conversation, especially in those conversations, which he used to be passionate about earlier, then there is a greater possibility of depression in such a person.

According to Zachary Dereniowski, depression can be identified in a person on the basis of these symptoms. In such situations, the people around that person should be motivated to get them treated in time. With this, he can avoid a lot of trouble. Apart from this, he has also given some idioms on the basis of which a person can be prevented from going into depression.

Dereniowski has told about some idioms that using these idioms will actually push the depressed person into more depression. Although these idioms are used by people to comfort or console them, these words have the opposite effect on them. For example, if a person struggling with mental health, if you say that there is some reason behind everything happening, then this word hurts him instead of feeling good. Similarly, you say that keep calm and forget all this and go ahead, it also has the opposite effect. Likewise, come out of these things, time will heal all wounds as idioms have an adverse effect on the suffering of mental health.


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