The Supreme Court stamped its rights on equal rights to daughters in ancestral property. If seen, this decision is for the honor and pride of the daughters. (Photo - Time and Date)
The Supreme Court stamped its rights on equal rights to daughters in ancestral property. If seen, this decision is for the honor and pride of the daughters. (Photo - Time and Date)

Sons often change after marriage, but the bonding of parents to daughters increases each day. There is some truth in these things, only then, it was decided to equal the rights of daughters in ancestral property. Justice Arun Mishra, the chairman of the three-member bench, reiterated that ‘a son is a son until he gets a wife, but the daughter remains a daughter for life’. In his statement, the daughters showed a sense of lifelong affection towards their parents. Their emergence shows that daughters are more emotionally attached to their parents than sons.

Daughters are more sensitive

Daughters are a breeze of cold air. When parents separated or living with daughters think about their affection in solitude, their heart feels relaxed. It is not that the sons do not take care of the parents, but their upbringing becomes such that at first they worry more about the conflict outside the home and then when they become their own family, then between the responsibilities of the parents It is secondary to take care of emotions, but the daughters, whether in the in-laws or at home, hear the heartbeat of the parents all the time. Senior film actor Govind Namdev is concerned about this.

He says, ‘God has given more sensitivity to daughters than sons. Therefore, she feels the happiness and sorrow of the parents and cares for them wholeheartedly. They are constantly connected to their problems. Sitting in the in-laws’ house also asks about the situation and from there the instructions keep coming.

Daughter’s right now stronger

In a recent judgment, the Supreme Court emphasized that the daughter’s right to the father’s ancestral property is no less than her brother. In New Delhi, MP from New Delhi and Supreme Court lawyer Meenakshi Lekhi tries to explain the right to equal rights in ancestral property, “This law of the right to equal daughters was passed in 2005. The daughters have equal rights in the father’s property, but the coparcener speaks of the family business and the Hindu undivided family. In this a fiction is created that suppose a person has two daughters and has died and that person has a coparcenary with his brothers.

If his brother has two sons, then these sons get the right from birth i.e. the participation of two brothers was the participation of four men, but the daughters of this person did not get the rights in the collegium. These girls used to get a quarter of their father’s and half of them used to get their rights. This was the law, but now the court has said that this fiction will not be created. Girls will also get equal rights in the custody of father’s property.

Symbol of changing thinking

As soon as the decision came, there was a lot of reactions in social media. If someone associated it with his honor, someone is considering it as an equal right. Well, everyone adopted it wholeheartedly, which shows that there is a lot of change in people’s thinking. Software engineer Akanksha says, “This decision is a symbol of changing thinking. It will be her decision to take or leave her daughter. If he needs it and even then he does not get the rights, it will be an injustice.

Decision showing the strength of society

MP and lawyer Meenakshi Lekhi said that this decision is being accepted happily. It shows the strength of our family and society that we also have to change with the times. We believe in the right to equality and have the ability to change our lives according to the rules.

My parents are friends

Actress Madhurima Roy said that my military has been the background. Brothers have been separated after marriage, but my relationship with parents is getting stronger every day and it will never diminish. I live alone in Mumbai. Somewhere they are like my friends and as friends share everything, I tell them the condition of the day. This association was further strengthened when she was with him in lockdown. They are in Kolkata. I keep visiting him from time to time.

Love of daughters lives in all ages

Senior actor Govind Namdev said that I have three daughters. Two are married. Yet both of them take care of me as before. Only those who have daughters can experience this feeling. Their small concerns are also relieved. Sometimes she says, why are you still awake, sleep. Do not eat too much salt, as in childhood we used to warn them for everything. In the same way now she cares for us. His love remains constant all the time.


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