Rhea Chakraborty Arrested in Drugs case, 14 days in judicial custody
Rhea Chakraborty Arrested in Drugs case, 14 days in judicial custody

Rhea Chakraborty Arrested in Drugs case

Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Tuesday arrested Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. She arrest in a drugs case, involving Sushant Singh Rajput’s suspicious circumstances. Rhea is the tenth accused to be arrested in this case. She was sent to judicial custody for 14 days after being produced in court through video conferencing.

The NCB on Tuesday questioned Rhea for about five hours for the third consecutive day and then arrested him at 3.30 pm. Addressing the media after the arrest, NCB Deputy Director (Operations) KPS Malhotra said that Rhea’s family has been informed of the arrest. Rhea has been arrested based on information from her WhatsApp chat and the statements of those arrested earlier. The NCB did not demand Rhea to be detained during her court appearance. Explaining the reason for this, NCB Deputy Director General Ashok Jain said that we have arrested him on the basis of sufficient evidence. He has been questioned enough in the last few days. Therefore, there is no need to inquire anymore.

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Many more people may be caught in the clutches

According to sources, NCB officials have come to know about many more people related to the drug syndicate of Mumbai from the people arrested so far in this case. Rhea is also the main accused in this case. It is believed that now NCB can start its action in this new direction soon.

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Accused of involvement in drug syndicate

Nine people have been arrested in this case before Rhea. These include Rhea’s younger brother Shouvik Chakraborty. Also arrested former house manager Samuel Miranda of Sushant Singh Rajput. Dipesh Sawant, domestic helper of Sushant, and six retailers (drug peddlers) involved in the drug trade. Rhea, like Shouvik, Samuel and Deepesh, has also been arrested under sections 20B, 27A, 28 and 29 of the NDPS Act. Rhea is accused of being involved in drug syndication.

Is Rhea taking drugs?

Rhea told NCB that Sushant had been taking drugs since 2016 and she has been seeking drugs for Sushant. Rhea has admitted to the NCB that she has occasionally consumed drugs or alcohol in the pasties, but is not used to it. Rhea has also admitted that she used to pay to buy drugs for Sushant. NCB has also received electronic proofs of these payments which may go against Rhea.

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How Drugs reach to Sushant

The remand copy of the NCB states that drugs used to come to Rhea through Shauvik. Drug peddlers used to hand over the drugs to Sushant’s staff Samuel Miranda and Deepesh Sawant who later reached Sushant via Rhea. Drug peddlers were paid through Rhea, for which Sushant paid the money. The copy also states that Rhea cooperated in the investigation. No drugs have been found from Shouvik, Samuel, Deepesh. Drug facilitation was done by Shouvik Chakraborty through Abdul Basit Parihar and Zaid Vilatra. Samuel Miranda and Deepesh Sawant used to take this drug from peddlers. Rhea and Sushant used to pay for it.

Rhea and Sushant’s involvement in money transactions

The NCB has written in the remand copy that Shouvik or Rhea Chakraborty did not buy the drugs directly. Both were definitely partners in providing drugs. In the remand copy, NCB has written that Rhea and Sushant were involved in money transaction for drugs. She instructed Shouvik, Samuel and Deepesh to take drugs. Used to watch money transactions.



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