Sonia Gandhi hospitalized
Sonia Gandhi hospitalized

Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi has been admitted to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. Sonia Gandhi is brought to the hospital at around 7 pm on Thursday evening. Her condition is stable at the moment. Dr. DS Rana, chairman of the hospital board, told that Sonia Gandhi has been admitted to the hospital for regular checkups. Her condition is absolutely normal.

Here, according to information received from sources, Sonia Gandhi has been admitted to the hospital for treatment of stomach infection. However, Chairman of the Hospital Management Board, Rana has said that her condition is still fine. Regular tests and some tests will be done.

Recruitment was done in the hospital in February

Earlier on February 2, 2020, Sonia Gandhi was admitted to the Sir Gangaram Hospital after complaining of stomach ache. After this, there was a gathering of many leaders to meet him here. Let me tell you that 73-year-old Sonia Gandhi has been struggling with health related problems for the last few years. There were also reports of her going abroad in connection with treatment.

Had a meeting with members of Rajya Sabha on Thursday

Earlier on Thursday, in a party meeting, Sonia Gandhi discussed the current state of politics with all the MPs of Rajya Sabha. However, the meeting took place through video conferencing. In this meeting, the party members again demanded to make Rahul Gandhi the president.

After resigning in the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul resigned

Let me tell you that after the crushing defeat of the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi resigned as the President of the party. After this, the leaders of the party had urged Rahul Gandhi several times to withdraw his resignation, but this did not happen. After this, Sonia once again took the reins of the party and is strengthening it.


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