Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda

Indian knowledge has been omitted in the education of independent India. New generations have been deprived of many valuable lessons. On the contrary, misleading assumptions have been made about modern education. For example, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas etc. are called ‘Dharmagranth’. One such misleading assumption has been made about Swami Vivekananda. He is said to be a religious teacher, while he was a great teacher, lecturer of the Indian wisdom-tradition. In the US and Europe, he gave lectures of Yoga-Vedanta, which brought him fame. Unfortunately in independent India, he was placed in the category of ‘Religious’ rather than a great teacher. As if children, youth are not required for their teachings While the truth is just the opposite. When Vivekananda returned to India after hoisting the flag in America and Europe, he roamed around the country and gave lectures among the masses. Millions of people heard Swami Ji’s lectures from Colombo, Madras to Dhaka, Lahore. His collection ‘From Colombo to Almora’ is a very famous book. It was translated into Hindi by the great poet Nirala. A short version of those lectures has been published by the Ramakrishna Ashram titled ‘Per youth.’ It is readable for every Indian.

Vivekananda said – do not run away from any difficulty, face it directly

Vivekananda gave many such lessons which are going to be useful in daily life. He had said that do not run away from any difficulty, but face it directly, then the difficulty will immediately start feeling lighter. Never look for external help, because all the power is inside you. So far everything in life has been available from him. Do not get carried away by emotions, because there is unnecessary loss of power by moving in charge and intensity. In dealing with someone, do things that move towards unity, say something that is close to you, not something that enhances. While doing the work, keep praying to Shri Ramkrishna and Mother Parvati. Thinking this is his job.

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Good and evil are two sides of the same coin, duality is life

Here you may doubt that how can worldly people do such a sinless act? Vivekananda has explained it this way. Suppose a servant takes care of her master’s child in a loving manner, but if the owner removes her from work or she takes up any new work, then she does not worry about what will happen to the child, how will it happen. She takes her bundle and moves on to new work. Earthly people should also do everything in the same sense. If we continue to do all the work without attachment, then there will never be tribulation or negligible. Vivekananda has further said that one should not get confused while doing work. Stop worrying about the good and the bad, because good and evil are two sides of the same coin. Duality is life. Karma is impossible without disorder. Therefore, do not act on your part consciously. Let the rest work regardless of the fruits of your karma. Leave it to Ram Ji.

Vivekananda said – Do not attach to anything, idea, person

In fact, it is practical to work without detachment. Vivekananda has said not to have attachment to anything, idea, person. Only keep a sense of duty. Keep the mind under your control. Have the same attitude towards your family and property, not its owner, but a paid salaried administrator, because this is true. That means money belongs to no one. The present life of a man is one of his innumerable births, which will pass in a blink of an eye. You don’t even know when you are old. Your current home is just a hospice. Your family members are merely cooperative neighbors, it is mandatory to stay away from them. So love them, take care of them, but don’t call them ‘mine’.

Vivekananda said- ‘I and mine’ is the root of all the tribulation

Swami ji gives an example that if someone’s very valuable picture is burnt then you don’t feel anything, because he is not ‘yours’. That is, these ‘I and mine’ are the root of all the tribulation. We can be happy only after getting free from this feeling, but how can this happen? Actually every day for some time, true karma spirit will develop in us through self-study, yoga practice and contemplation. According to Swami ji, every act done without selfishness cuts off a shackle of our feet. If you look carefully, this is the natural human nature. All of man’s wrangling is ultimately to be liberated. The desire to be reunited with the pure, imperishable, infinite, eternal part of man is buried somewhere in his innermost being. Vivekananda always reminds him of the legend of Queen Madalsa to remember him. She used to teach her newborn son by singing songs from the beginning that, O son, you are pure, Buddha, Niranjan, you worry about action, what affliction!

Yoga for the spiritual world is the science of Vedanta

In fact, the whole teaching of Yoga and Vedanta is to make man a true karmayogi. There can be no more practical education than that. At any age, while doing any employment, its utility remains unchanged. Vedanta is not a ‘Faith’ Religion, German-language ‘Science’. Just as there is the science of physics, chemistry, agriculture etc. for the body and the physical world, similarly for the spiritual world yoga is the science of Vedanta. That is why it is pure practical knowledge. Swami Vivekananda had amazed the whole world with this education. We have been doing our own harm by forgetting him.


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